Maria Gjieli: Super curvy pornstar who is also a foodie

Maria Gjieli: Super curvy pornstar who is also a foodie

Maria Gjieli is not your average pornstar. In addition to her captivating curves, she mesmerises fans with her love for food and her ability to maintain an alluring figure. Her performances on the big screen have taken the adult entertainment industry by storm, revealing her multifaceted talents and magnetic charm.

While she is primarily recognised for her work as an adult actress, there is a lot more to Maria Gjieli than just her on-screen allure. This has piqued fans’ curiosity, leaving them eager to discover who Maria Gjieli truly is.

Maria Gjieli squatting pose

Maria Gjieli biography

Maria Gjieli is an Albanian-American adult actress, Instagram model and influencer. She shares modelling shots, food photos, and lingerie content with her fans. Originally from New York City, Gjieli currently resides in Miami.

Gjieli attended a local high school in New York. The model furthered her education by attending Pace University, also located in New York. It was while she was in college that she developed an interest in modelling and decided to make a career out of it.

Throughout her career, she has collaborated with various photographers and brands, building a reputable name as a model.

In today’s world, models are rarely associated with food, but Gjieli begs to differ. The Instagram model has a passion for food and is often referred to as a “foodie”. She shares her love for various cuisines and culinary experiences on her social media platforms, delighting her followers with mouthwatering food posts and tantalising dishes.

Whether it is exploring new restaurants, trying out exotic dishes, or showcasing her cooking skills, Gjieli’s enthusiasm for food shines through her posts. Her food-related content adds a flavourful dimension to her diverse range of interests and activities.

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Gjieli weighs 63 kilograms (139 pounds) and has physical measurements of 32:26:40, with 40-inch hips, a 32C bra size, and a 26-inch waist. Her hourglass figure has contributed to her success, and she maintains it by dedicating time to the gym and practising healthy eating habits.

Maria Gjieli looking hot

Due to the perfection of her hourglass figure, rumours have circulated suggesting that Gjiele may have undergone cosmetic surgery to achieve her stunning physique. This speculation has been particularly fueled by the prominence of her sizable backside. Despite rumours about her figure, Gjieli has not addressed any cosmetic surgery speculations.

Gjieli’s social media platforms boast stunning photos and videos that showcase her style and confidence.

Maria Gjieli career

In 2016, Gjieli, at the age of 19, caught the attention of many with her talents and striking looks. Her modelling journey on Instagram began in October of that year. Having delved into fashion and modelling work during her college days, she was able to upload her modelling pictures on social media and this enabled her to gain fame. With an impressive portfolio and extensive experience, she has become an inspiration for aspiring models. 

Soon after, the Kelvin 7 Agency recognised her potential and hired her as a model. Since then, she has graced numerous publication covers and modelled for several others. Notably, she was featured on the cover of Mixed Magazine’s Issue 178.

Maria Gjieli on a magazine cover

Gjiele embarked on her career as an adult actress by initially working as a model for several adult studios. While building her modelling portfolio, she collaborated with multiple modelling agencies and honed her posing skills.

To support herself financially, she began creating explicit adult content and this earned her early recognition as an adult content creator. Inspired by this initial fame, she decided to pursue both modelling and adult film as her career path.

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Additionally, Gjieli took part in photoshoots for various adult content magazines, further fueling her motivation to pursue a career in adult movies. In front of the camera, she is known for doing blowjobs, cumshots, fetish, handjobs, MILF, hardcore, anal and busty. Gjieli has worked with other adult stars like JMac

Gjieli has also established herself as a vlogger, carving a unique space in the world of content creation. Her self-named YouTube channel was created on May 20, 2018, and she has amassed an impressive following of over 692,000 subscribers. On her channel, Gjieli predominantly shares fashion and lifestyle content, using the hashtag #walkwithmaria.

Maria Gjieli OnlyFans

Gjieli has a verified account on Onlyfans where she showcases her talent as an adult actress. As of the time of writing this piece, she has 407 pictures and 684 videos.

The adult actress posts exclusive and private content of herself for the viewing pleasure of her fans on the platform. To partake in this enticing experience, fans are required to pay a monthly subscription fee of $13. 

Maria Gjieli’s net worth

According to multiple reports online, Gjieli’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. 

Maria Gjieli family

Gjieli was born and raised in New York by her parents. As of now, the adult actress has not disclosed any information about her parents or whether she has any siblings.

She has maintained a private stance on her family and personal life and it remains unknown if she is dating anyone or if she is married.

Maria Gjieli age

Gjieli was born on August 10, 1997. She is currently 25 years old and will be 26 years old in 2023.

Maria Gjieli Instagram

On Instagram, Maria Gjieli has a verified account under the username @mariagjieli. As of the time of writing this piece, she has 1.8 million followers. On the photo and video-sharing platform, Gjieli describes herself as “a model and foodie” and this is evident in her posts.

Maria Gjieli in the woods
Even though she opened her Instagram account back in June 2012, the
first visible post currently on her page dates back to October 2016. Although it is not known if she deleted previous posts before her post in October 2016.

Gjieli’s growth as a model is evident on her Instagram page starting from her skin. A post she made of herself in August 2017, showed her wearing an orange bikini and looking darker compared to her latest pictures where she is light-skinned.

Her first food post was in 2018 as she shared with her fans a picture of chicken waffles and fruit drinks. Since then, the model has delighted her fans with numerous food posts, tantalising their taste buds. 

What sets Gjieli apart from many models is that she not only flaunts her curvaceous body but also shares her diet process, revealing how she maintains her thick figure.

Aside from food and modelling content, her page is filled with travel and lifestyle posts, featuring the best restaurants, hotels, and fashion pieces to buy.

Engaging in a “Should I get this or no?” session with her fans has endeared her to many on the platform. Additionally, she uses her page to promote her career as an adult actress, with a focus on showcasing her favourite body part, her derrière.

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