Many married women in Lekki are cheating – Angela Okorie

Many married women in Lekki are cheating – Angela Okorie 1

Angela Okorie, a popular actress, has claimed that the majority of women in Lekki cheat in their marriages. 

She made the statement during a recent interview.

She was speaking about the importance of women marrying whom they love and the recent increase in divorce and cheating among couples.

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Okorie asserted that the reason women cheat on their husbands is because they aren’t in love with them.

She claimed that many married women in Lekki are having affairs with other men.

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Netizens react: 

@IamBlaccode: “It’s not just Lekki. Women cheat in their marriages everywhere. It’s called being human.”

@AdemolaAwosanya: “By their fruits, you will surely know them.”

@Deraahhhhh: “Everybody be saying Lekki, something is really happening there Fr”

@Imade002: “Wahala no de finish for this country”

@Arinze: “They keep going after marriage institutions. Smoke your coke in peace and leave marriages alone!”

@Chiblex: “Normally because most of the men are usually around only weekend”

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