Something fishy?: Man suspects wife who is always travelling with her boss

Something fishy?: Man suspects wife who is always travelling with her boss - skabash

A Nigerian man who is currently trapped in a state of perplexity has cried out online for advice over his wife’s behaviour.

The unidentified man, whose story was posted on Twitter by @Sally Suleiman, revealed that his wife is always travelling with her boss for work, but he is afraid that there is something going on between them.

According to him, it has been happening even whilst they were still courting, but it became an issue for him when she cancelled their honeymoon to go on a business trip with the boss after they got married five months ago.

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The man also revealed that the aforementioned boss was the chairman of their wedding and spent handsomely at the event, and has also been good to them. However, he remains troubled because the boss and his wife have travelled again, this time for a work-related business trip to Abuja.

Furthermore, he noted that he has confronted his wife about it, but she claimed that it was strictly official trips.

View the tweet below:

Nigerian lady laments being single at 29, wants a husband

In other news, a Nigerian lady has cried out on social media over being single despite being of marriageable age.

The lady, who revealed via TikTok that she’s 29 years old, lamented that she will clock thirty next year and yet has no child or marriage to speak of.

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She wrote that her situation makes her go to bed with tears every time.

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