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Man forgives wife after she cheated and pinned another man’s child on him

Man forgives wife after she cheated and pinned another man’s child on him 1

In a rare show of magnanimity, a man has forgiven his wife after discovering she cheated on him.

The forgiving man absolved his wife of any wrongdoing years after finding out he’s not the biological father of their daughter.

In a post shared on Facebook, his wife was reportedly in an affair with a neighbour who impregnated her and they both decided to pin the child on him.

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Although he was often away from home, he still managed to perform his duties in bed as a husband.

According to the post, his wife continued her escapades with her lover even when she conceived.

When the child was to be named after delivery, her lover was reportedly present and also gave the child a name with no one suspecting foul play.

Her lover would however return years later to claim the child after he was told to go get his child in order to make progress in life.

The woman has since been forgiven by her husband and now have a child with her him.

Lady celebrates boyfriend who pardoned her for cheating

Meanwhile, a young man is being celebrated by his girlfriend for loving her so much even after catching her cheating on him on three occasions.

The Nigerian lady, Abike Adesupo, via a TikTok video, said her boyfriend’s love for her is beyond imagination despite having enough reasons to call off their relationship.

There’s a popular saying that love is blind, and this young man has decided to overlook the shortcomings of his girlfriend.

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In the lovely video, she and her boyfriend danced to a love song, “loving you is my only bad habit.”

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