Man dumped by his wife because he was poor builds house worth N58 Million

Man dumped by his wife because he was poor builds house worth N58 Million 1

A Tanzanian man, Mzee Jumanne Kingu, who was dumped by his wife for being too poor, is building his dream house worth N58 million.

Mzee Jumanne Kingu used to wear “tattered clothes” and lived in a mud house but his diligence in business and animal husbandry shot him into wealth.

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He said in an interview with Global TV Online, “I used to wear tattered clothes and put some torn pieces on the bed as a mattress. I didn’t even have a blanket but I didn’t give up in life.”

“Later on, I moved into a wooden house and would work, then buy a cow, put together some money and buy a goat. I met Mzee Sanari Tumbe and he told me if I get money I should buy a cow and not spend all of it,” he added.

Kingu began selling domestic animals and purchasing land, which he partitioned and sold to other customers after acquiring a few. That is how he got his start in the real estate market.

“I sell them myself; I hate brokers because they sell to one person then re-sell to another,” he explained.

With his business booming, Kingu is currently building a three-storey building worth N58 million sporting an ensuite bathroom in each.

Construction in progress

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The house boasts four rooms on the ground floor, two rooms and a lounge on the first floor and the second storey has a room and a resting place for fresh air.

Although Mzee is looking for a wife, he insists the trauma of being left by his first wife is still with him.

“I pray that God gives me a good woman. I need a wife and even today I am ready to marry,” he said.

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