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Man buys foldable house from Amazon for ₦38m, video trends

Man buys foldable house from Amazon for ₦38m, video trends 1

A 23-year-old man posted videos to share the exciting news that he had purchased a house on Amazon for $26,280 (₦38,142,660.6).

In the second video, the man, @hittaa_jeff showed netizens the house and its color.

The man received two extra couches for the house, which has two front doors. The plumbing works for the house were already completed, and outlet pipes were located beside it.

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As the size of the purchased house was unknown, the man had to wait for it to be delivered before buying land. He had to pay a weekly fee at a storage facility for temporary placement of the house.

See the video below:

@hittaa_jeff 5 guys and 27 mins later 😫 ITS HERE😫😍 #FYP #foryou #amazon #house #unfoldhouse #foryoupage #newhouse #update #explorepage #pt2 ♬ original sound – HughHefnerSon

Netizens react:

@Berekti: “Imagine someone making u mad and you fold your house up and move”

@Sumniceee: “Jokes aside, this would be a great investment for a small business!”

@Savvii: “I’m about to buy one and place it on my parents land for FRee”

@stephaniewillard56: “I wonder if we can do afterpay on this”

@Chee chee: “I can’t lie I would buy land and purchase this for my daughters to have their own space and slowly release them into the real world”

@user896865 said: “You but 2 of them and now you have a 2 bedroom! For less than $60k”

@prettiamber: “What do you do for a living to be blowing money like this?”

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