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London is heaven: Nigerian man shares stunning transformation video of family after they japa

Nigerian man relocates to London, shares transformatin video |skabash.com

A Nigerian man has made headlines after sharing how his family’s fortunes changed when they moved abroad.

The family of six shared a transformation video before and after they relocated from Nigeria to London, United Kingdom.

After spending just a few years in the Queen’s country, the man, his wife, and his children can be seen all glowed up and living their best lives.

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The head of the family said since he left Nigeria for London, it’s as if rapture had taken place, and he wonders if London is not the heaven people talk about.

The family is living their dream life and enjoying the best of times after they relocated to London, and many netizens have reacted to their story.

Some people in the comments section were wowed at how the couple and their children have transformed for the better. Someone said that japa can change someone’s life for good, while one @Prankhottie “Good weather. Good leaders, good phones, and sunlight can make you glow. Leave Nigeria now!!!”

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Nigerian Lady Throws Japa Party Before Relocating To The UK

Meanwhile, a young Nigerian lady set social media abuzz by throwing a party to mark her relocation from Nigeria to the United Kingdom.

The beautiful lady, Oyindamola Abiola-Thompson, nicknamed Molly, shared this via a sequence of photos posted on her Twitter page.

Oyindamola was overjoyed and said she was moving to the UK, but not before throwing a “japa party” before departing.

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