Lady who rejected ex’s offer to japa with him regrets staying with new lover

Lady who rejected ex's offer to japa with him regrets staying with new lover 1

A social media user, @oyin_debby has shared a compelling story of love, option to relocate abroad (japa), and life’s unpredictable journey, stirring a wave of reactions online.

Two years after splitting from her ex-boyfriend, a young woman faced a dilemma when he unexpectedly proposed an idea that left her at crossroads.

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He was prepared to settle down and move overseas, expressing his desire for her to join him, citing her as the best partner he had ever had.

Despite the enticing offer and their history, the young woman was already in a new relationship and felt torn between staying committed to her current partner and the allure of a new beginning abroad.

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She sought counsel from friends and family, including @oyin_debby, who all advised her to remain with her current partner. They pointed out the ex’s history of being overtly focused on the relationship.

Ironically, the ex’s relocation turned out to be a success, while the true nature of the current boyfriend emerged, leading to regret and second thoughts among those who had given advice.

See the post below:

Netizens react:

@Theboyyom: “I hope this your friend is doing well for herself btw ? Why can’t she bring “Goodluck” to her current Man struggling here?”

@Doris: “When you marry a monkey for its money, the money will finish; the monkey will remain.” The problem is that we expect people to do poorly after we leave them. If you left for a valid reason, never look back, even if he becomes the president.”

@onot: “So technically, the only reason why y’all think your advice wasn’t good enough is because her current boyfriend isn’t doing well? If he was, probably making plans to travel out, good girl for pay yeah?”

@Doctuche: “The way our morality is linked to money is very worrisome. The fact that the ex never had time for her has been negated by him “doing well” abroad. Lastly, doing the right thing in the right circumstance will never be wrong.”

@YH: “The funny thing is how you are not focused on your friend doing well for herself, is it a curse that some of you should not hustle and make it for yourself?”

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