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‘Kill the Hero’: Action-packed Manga in high demand from comic lovers

'Kill the Hero': Action-packed Manga in high demand from comic lovers

In today’s world, the love for comic books continues to burn brightly, attracting readers of all ages. One such captivating comic or manga (as it is known in Asia) that has captured the hearts of readers is the action-packed and suspenseful series, “Kill the Hero”.

Just as movie enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the latest blockbusters, there exists a dedicated community of comic lovers with a strong demand for enthralling stories like “Kill the Hero”. The comic market is vast and ever-expanding and it is evident that the fervour for captivating narratives and striking artwork remains as powerful as ever.

What is ‘Kill the Hero’?

What is 'Kill the Hero'?

“Kill the Hero” is a popular Korean webcomic illustrated by Sung San-Young and written by D-Dart. It is an action-packed fantasy series loved by many readers.

The story revolves around themes like revenge, power and the idea that good and bad are not always clear. It shows how betrayal can change a heroic person into someone seeking vengeance. The main character, Woojin, engages in strategic battles against strong enemies, keeping readers hooked.

As the story unfolds, readers experience thrilling surprises. Woojin’s quest for revenge intertwines with the hero he wants to defeat, making the plot more intense with each chapter.

In this world, the line between hero and villain blurs, and “Kill the Hero” challenges our usual ideas of justice. It explores the complex emotions that arise when seeking revenge.

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‘Kill the Hero’ manga

'Kill the Hero' manga

“Kill the Hero” is an exciting and action-packed manga that follows the story of a young man named Kim Woo-Jin. In the first timeline, he is betrayed and killed by someone he trusted, named Lee Se-Jun. But, surprisingly, he gets a chance to go back in time to when he first woke up as a player in the second timeline.

With this second chance, Kim Woo-Jin is determined to take revenge on those who wronged him. He becomes cold, calculating and sets out on a path of vengeance. Throughout the manga, we see him facing tough decisions as he views the world as a complicated place with no clear lines between good and bad.

Before becoming a player, Kim Woo-Jin had a tough life as he was abandoned by his parents and had to fend for himself. He worked as a ruthless bounty hunter, hunting down criminals, and gained a reputation for his violent methods.

Later on, he becomes a monster hunter and his life takes a different turn. He joins Delta Company, a mercenary group that works for the government to hunt down monsters that escape from dungeons. But all this changes when he awakens as a player and gets the chance to rewrite his fate.

“Kill the Hero” keeps readers on the edge of their seats with its thrilling battles, unexpected twists and intense confrontations with powerful enemies. Kim Woo-Jin’s journey is a roller-coaster ride of emotions as he seeks revenge and tries to make sense of the world.

The manga also explores deeper themes of loneliness, abandonment and the desire for justice. Kim Woo-Jin’s character develops throughout the story and we see how his past experiences shape his choices and actions.

The virtual realm becomes a battleground as Woojin relentlessly pursues his goal, leaving a trail of defeated foes and shattered alliances in his wake. His determination knows no bounds and he is willing to go to any lengths to achieve his objective – the utter destruction of the hero responsible for his previous downfall.

The manga has 143 chapters already.

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How to read ‘Kill the Hero’

How to read 'Kill the Hero'

  1. Online platforms: Check if “Kill the Hero” is available on manhwa platforms such as
  • LINE Webtoon
  • Lezhin Comics
  • Tappytoon

These platforms often have official translations and support the creators.

  1. Unofficial websites: If you cannot find “Kill the Hero” on official platforms, some unofficial websites might host fan-translated versions of the manhwa.
  • -The popular manga might be available to read on, which offers a variety of web novels and webcomics
  • MangaToon: MangaToon is another platform that provides a selection of webcomics, including manhwa like “Kill the Hero.”

However, note that reading from unofficial sources may not support the creators.

  1. Physical copies: “Kill the Hero” may also be available in physical bookstores or online retailers. Look for printed volumes if you prefer to read the comic offline.

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