Kevin Selleck: Tom Selleck’s adopted son who hides from the spotlight

Kevin Selleck: Tom Selleck's adopted son who hides from the spotlight

Kevin Selleck was once a familiar name in the entertainment industry. He was known for his talent in both acting and music and had a promising career ahead of him. However, despite the initial fame and recognition he received, Selleck seems to have vanished from the public scene in recent years, leaving many wondering where he is now and what he is up to.

Despite his father’s fame and the public’s continued interest in his son, the latter has chosen to dance away from the spotlight. This piece, therefore, unearths details about the life of Kelvin Selleck.

Kevin Selleck biography

Kevin Selleck portrait

Kevin Selleck was born on June 7, 1966, in the United States of America. He is mostly known for being the child of the movie icon, Tom Selleck, and his first wife, Jacqueline Ray.

Selleck attended Grant High School in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, and then graduated from the University of Southern  California, Los Angeles, while on a volleyball scholarship.

Selleck grew up in the entertainment industry, with his father being a prominent actor and his mother also being an actress and model. Although he had an early start in the entertainment industry, he has largely stayed out of the limelight, compared to his father and sister. He has only appeared in a handful of films and TV shows throughout his career.

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Kevin Selleck career

Kevin Selleck black and white

Selleck began his career in Hollywood as an actor in 1987 after he appeared in a few episodes of the hit TV show, Magnum, P.I. (1980-1988). The show also starred his father Tom Selleck. The younger Selleck is best known for his role as “Thomas Magnum” in the television series.

He resurfaced on the big screen once again in 1997 with a role in the horror film Scream 2. He also wrote the theme song for the movie franchise, displaying his dexterity.

In 1993, Selleck decided to shift his focus to music. After joining the music business, Selleck started the rock group, Tonic in 1993 with Emerson Hart, Jeff Russo, Dan Lavery, and Dan Rothchild. Before he left the band in 1996, the group released its debut album, Lemon Parade, which included the hit single: If You Could Only See. The song became a huge success, reaching number one on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart and number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100.

He explained his reasons for leaving the group as personal and family problems. Reports, however, indicated that Selleck and another group member had gotten into a fight, which was the reason for his departure.

Selleck has also worked behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. He also worked as a grip on the set of the film Magnum, P.I., and later worked as a production assistant on the TV series, Las Vegas.

In recent years, Selleck has largely stayed out of the public eye. He has not appeared in any new films or TV shows. According to stories over the years, he suffered from drug and alcohol addiction in his younger years. He subsequently checked into a rehab treatment facility called the Betty Ford Recovery Centre after getting urged by his father to seek medical help.

Kevin Selleck movies

Kevin Selleck wearing a suit

Kevin Selleck has not appeared in a lot of movies throughout his career as an actor. However, here are a few of his notable film credits:

  1. “Magnum P.I” – (1987)
  2. “Scream 2” (1997) – Kevin made his feature film debut with a small role in this horror sequel directed by Wes Craven. According to his IMDb page, he was also responsible for writing the film’s soundtrack.

It is worth noting that Selleck’s acting career has been relatively low-profile compared to his father’s, and he has largely moved away from acting in recent years. He has instead focused on his music career in his later years.

The dashing actor is also said to be involved in some behind-the-scenes works in the entertainment industry.

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Kevin Selleck’s net worth

Kevin Selleck has made an income from his career. His net worth, according to media reports, is estimated to be $1 million.

Kevin Selleck family

Kevin Selleck's family

Selleck is currently married and keeps his personal family affairs out of the public’s knowledge. However, his wife’s name is Annabelle, and the couple has six children together.

Kevin Selleck is the son of Tom Selleck and Jacqueline Ray. Tom Selleck is a well-known actor, producer, and screenwriter, who has starred in several successful films and TV shows throughout his career. Jacqueline Ray, on the other hand, is a former model and actress, who appeared in a few films and TV shows in the 1970s.

Tom Selleck and Jacqueline Ray got married in 1971, However, the marriage lasted for 11 years and ended in 1982. During that time, Tom Selleck adopted Kevin, Jacqueline’s son from a previous relationship. Kevin, who was originally born “Kevin Shepard,” was 21 years old when he got adopted by the star actor on August 7, 1987.

Kevin Selleck has frequently stated that Tom Selleck has had a significant effect on his life, both as an actor and as a person.

Kevin Selleck's parents
“Tom is one of the most talented, generous and decent people I have ever had the privilege to know and work with. He was a father to me in many ways,”  he once said during an interview.

Tom Selleck later got married to Jillie Joane Mack in 1987, five years after his split from Jacqueline. Tom and Jillie have been together ever since and have one child together, Hannah Margaret Selleck. Hannah is a seasoned equestrian professional, according to sources, she has won several medals at several horseback riding contests, including the California Blenheim Summer Classic in 2010.

Despite their divorce, Tom Selleck and Jacqueline Ray have remained on good terms, and Tom has been supportive of Kevin Selleck throughout his career.

Kevin Selleck age

Kevin Selleck was born on June 7, 1966. Therefore, the handsome actor is currently 56 years old. He will be celebrating his 57th birthday by June 2023.

Kevin Selleck biological father

Kevin Selleck’s biological father is currently unknown. He is only known as the famous adopted son of Tom Selleck.

Therefore, Tom Selleck is Kevin’s only known legal and de facto father. Neither Kevin Selleck nor his mum has publicly disclosed the identity of his biological father, and it is unclear whether he has ever sought to establish a relationship with him.

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