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Movie review: Kehinde Bankole’s character in ‘Sista’ shows struggles of single mothers

Movie review: Kehinde Bankole's character in 'Sista' shows struggles of single mothers 1

‘Sista’ tells the story of a single mother, played by Kehinde Bankole, who struggles to raise her children when her spouse (Deyemi Okanlawon) abandons her while she is eight months pregnant and has a two-year-old son.

Sista (Kehinde Bankole) experiences her biggest nightmare 19 years later when her children’s father accidentally returns into their lives and completely steals their attention all for himself whilst trying to make amends for past sins.

Movie review: Kehinde Bankole's character in 'Sista' shows struggles of single mothers 2

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Cast: Kehinde Bankole, Deyemi Okanlawon, Bisola Aiyeola, Tope Olowoniyan, Chimezie Imo, Adedamola Adewale, Ronke Ojo, Chiamaka Uzokwe, Adeoluwa Akintoba, Blessing Jessica Obasi-Nze, Chris Iheuwa, and Adediwura Adesegha.

Director: Biodun Stephen.


First off Sista’s cast could not have been better selected. All the actors were fantastic in their role interpretation. We could deeply feel the emotions of the characters. The lead actress, Kehinde Bankole did a great job portraying her character.

The movie was heartfelt; there were a lot of touching scenes like when Chimezie Imo (Young Fola) abandoned Adedamola Adewale (Young Sista). The scene was so emotional that you will feel every bit of it.

Young sista
Young Sista

Kudos to the director, producer and writer, Biodun Stephen for this masterpiece. The storyline was simple and straightforward without unnecessary scenes. The director did a great job with the use of flashbacks. It kept me up to date on the characters’ backstories as they played out in the present.

I love how the movie told the story of single mums, who tirelessly strive to provide for their children. Sista love her children so much that she worked everyday without giving herself an off day. She experienced a lot of stigma while working as a cleaner, just to provide for her children.

Sista movie
Sista going for her cleaning job

A major highlight in the movie was Deyemi Okanlawon (Fola) coming back to Sista (Kehinde Bankole)’s life trying to play the role of a father he never was. Fola accidentally met Sista and her children Fola Junior (Akintoba Adeoluwa) and Anu (Chiamaka Uzokwe) after returning from Amsterdam with his wife Tiwatope (Bisola Aiyeola) at their housewarming party, where Sista and her children were rendering catering service.

Tiwatope and Fola

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Following the encounter, Sista reluctantly revealed to her children that their father is still alive. Fola also told his wife Tiwatope about his past. However, trouble looms when Fola started enticing Sista’s children with his money, purchasing them a plethora of costly gifts. He literally took their attention from Sista, and it crushed her heart so badly that she changed her attitude towards her children and confronted Fola himself.


Sista is a movie that you will not only watch, but also want to watch again and again. There are no dull moments; it will keep your interest from beginning to end.

Verdict: 9/10

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