Katanah Tease: Model with gigantic natural butt taking social media by storm

Katanah Tease: Model with gigantic natural butt taking social media by storm

In a world where technology has taken the front seat, social media has become a money-making platform for many, and Katanah Tease is not found wanting in this regard. Famous as an Instagram influencer, Katanah Tease made herself a celebrity via her jaw-dropping photos and videos of her sexy body on social media. She is living the life of a celebrity as she oozes sex appeal in doses.

How did she become this popular? Was she always this confident about her body?

Who is Katanah Tease?

Katanah Tease is a brand advisor, social media superstar, model, gamer and, sometimes, referred to by people as a porn star. This damsel tops the list of people who have turned social media into a money-making platform. Born in Richmond, situated in the US state of Virginia, Tease moved to Georgia and settled there.

Although she is fondly called Tease, her real name is Shanti, which was given to her by her mother. The model, in an interviewrevealed that she had to change her name because people often misspelt and mispronounced the name, making her cringe when she heard her name being called. Following this, her name was changed from Shanti to Katanah.

Tease also stated that she was named Katanah by one of her male relatives, who felt that her Asian look, pronounced by her high cheekbones, made the name perfect for her. The sexy diva further revealed that she found the name Katanah super dope because it connected to the Asian mortal Kombat game character. Tease is known for her risqué photos and videos, which have attracted a lot of fans and followers to her on social media.

Katanah Tease’s career

Katanah Tease came into the limelight in 2018, following sultry snaps of her sexy body and gigantic butt. Another plus is that her butt is natural, unlike most celebrity butts acquired via plastic surgery. Her desire to inspire many youths fuels her consistency and dedication to her craft. Her body being her tool for making money via social media, the young diva once revealed, was a self-conscious decision, adding that she has conscious of her body while she was little.

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Now she is older, Tease is focused on using that same tool – her body – to show the world that you can be who and what you want to be without restrictions because you only have one life to live. Katanah Tease’s career has earned her a lot of money as she keeps on dropping tantalising snaps and videos of her sexy self for the viewing pleasure of fans. She also has an Onlyfans account and makes money from the platform. She is making a career on social media, and many commend her for it.

Why is Katanah Tease popular?

Katanah Tease on boat trip

With her unique Asian facial structure and mouth-watering backside, Katanah Tease is famous on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube for her modelling skills. Her ability to show off her sexy body in alluring ways, coupled with her buzzing personality, has garnered many high-profile jobs.

The model is popular online for showcasing her natural assets, thereby inspiring many women who feel embarrassed of their bodies to flaunt them. One thing that makes this belle stand out is how she has leveraged the advent of technology, particularly the rise of social media, over the years. Now her career is at its peak as she shows you can be yourself and be happy in your skin.

Katanah Tease age

Katanah Tease was born on the 27 March under the Aries zodiac sign. Her hobbies include gaming and having fun.

Katanah Tease’s net worth

Katanah Tease sultry pose

So far, Katanah Tease’s net worth has not been revealed, but she can be said to be making cool cash from her stunning pictures and videos displayed on social media. She gets paid by YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other online platforms. The model also has an Onlyfans account with over 60,000 views and counting on one of her videos. This is another platform where she earns.

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Katanah Tease’s family

Katanah Tease often speaks about her mother and how she was particular about her name. During an interview, the model stated that she has more than one father, as one of her fathers gave her the nickname Katanah because she looked Asian.

Following her high cheekbones, which make her look like she is of Asian descent, almost Indian-like, many have wondered if she has an Asian ancestor somewhere in her ancestry, but she has cleared the air, saying she does not have. She naturally has pretty high cheekbones, which cutely pronounce her eyes.

With her active social life, most of her posts are centred around her craft of flaunting her body to the delight of her fans, and very little information is available about her siblings, family, or childhood. Although she did not mention the name of the schools she attended, Tease once revealed that she learned Spanish and French while in school. But because she preferred French, she paid more attention to the language and, today, she can speak French to a certain extent.

Katanah Tease Instagram

As a celebrity, many people have created several Instagram accounts in her name, but Katanah Tease has just two Instagram accounts. While one is private, the other is public and easily accessible. The melanin goddess also has a backup page @katanah.tease, where she posts sultry snaps of herself, feeding her fans’ desire. Her Instagram followers keep increasing daily, and she is said to utilize the platform very well.

Katanah Tease TikTok

katanah tease

The curvy damsel goes by the name @iam.katanah on TikTok, and she has 965,500 followers, as of the time of writing this piece. Her fanbase keeps increasing because she knows how to make you stop, stare and drool with her antics on various social media platforms.

On the video platform, her most-watched video has 15.3 million views, while her second-most-watched video has 15.1 million views and counting. She will be smiling at the bank because her views are millions. Her bubbling personality can be seen in videos she posts on TikTok, and she never fails to jump on trends.

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