Karima Jackson: Ice Cube’s daughter impacting lives via philanthropy, social activism

Karima Jackson: Ice Cube's daughter impacting lives via philanthropy, social activism

Being the offspring of a popular person or an iconic figure does not mean that such a child has to follow the course laid down by the parents. for example, Karima Jackson has chosen to chart her course in life, which is different from that of her popular father.

Despite the fame and fortune that her family is known for, she has managed to stay grounded and live a normal, humble life. So, who is Karima Jackson, whose life is characterised by philanthropy, social activism, and a dedication to helping others?

Karima Jackson biography

Karima Jackson smiling with her father at an event

Karima Jackson was born on February 17, 1994, in Los Angeles, situated in the US state of California. She is the daughter of American rap veteran and movie icon, O’Shea Jackson Sr., known professionally as Ice Cube, and his wife, Kimberly Woodruff.

Jackson attended elementary and high school, respectively, in California. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers University. After that, she went to Montclair State University, where she got a Master’s degree in Child Advocacy. She also holds a second Master’s degree from Rutgers University in Public Administration.

She stands at 5 feet, 7 inches tall, and her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

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Karima Jackson’s career

Karima Jackson and her brother

Contrary to what many would have anticipated, Karima Jackson did not pursue a career in show business as her father did. She appears to have chosen to pursue a career in education as she is presently a research assistant at Rutgers School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA).

Before getting involved in academia, Jackson had a lengthy history of philanthropic work. She once explained that she was motivated by her late great-aunt to devote her life to charitable causes.

She joined St. John’s Community Services (SJCS), one of the oldest community organisations established in Washington, DC, while pursuing her bachelor’s degree in college and she soon rose to the position of assistant program director.

She then changed jobs in New Jersey, working as a family specialist(II), while continuing to be engaged in the service to humanity. She was eventually promoted to working as Family Specialist (I) at her workplace. Jackson was subsequently elevated to the position of Family Supervisor due to her excellent performance at work.

Karima Jackson and her father

She is the founder and executive director of the non-profit establishment, Organize Change Inc., which was established in 2014. The organisation, via a variety of programmes, primarily focuses on social justice concerns and community development. The cleaning and preservation of cemeteries in Newark, New Jersey, was one of the most important initiatives carried out by Organize Change Inc.

She also belongs to the “Anti-Racist Alliance-North Jersey” group.

Jackson chooses to remain a tool to help proffer positive change to the world. She has carved a niche for herself as an advocate for change and an inspiration to others.

Karima Jackson’s net worth

Karima Jackson and her family at an event

Karima Jackson mostly earns a living from working as a teaching staff member in a university. Her other career ventures are virtually non-profit engagements.

It is, therefore, unclear what her current net worth is currently. However, what is known is that she is living decently and doing well for herself.

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Karima Jackson family

Karima Jackson family

Karima Jackson is the daughter of famous American rapper and actor, Ice Cube, and his wife, Kimberly Woodruff. Ice Cube is best known for his pioneering work in gangsta rap with N.W.A. and his successful solo career in music and acting.

In addition to his successful career in music and acting, Ice Cube has also been involved in producing and directing. He has worked on several film and television projects, including Friday, Barbershop and Are We There Yet?

Karima Jackson’s mother, Kimberly Woodruff, has been married to Ice Cube since 1992. They have been together for more than three decades. Kimberly was raised in Los Angeles, where she has spent most of her life. However, she pursued her education in Phoenix, Arizona. She initially worked at her parents’ clothing store while growing up.

Karima Jackson has three siblings—three brothers. Her older brother, O’Shea Jackson Jr., is also an actor and portrayed his father in the biopic Straight Outta Compton. In August 2017, O’Shea welcomed a daughter (Karima’s niece) named Jordan Reign Jackson, with ex-girlfriend Jackie Garcia.

Darrell Jackson, Karima’s second older brother, was born on December 29, 1992. Like his father and older brother, he is also a rapper.

The youngest of Ice Cube’s children, Shareef Jackson, was born in 1995.

a younger Karima Jackson with her family


Karima Jackson with her family to celebrate her father's achievements in Hollywood

Karima Jackson is dating Horatio Jones, a member of Organize Change Inc. They are frequently seen holding hands while walking for either official engagements or private moments.

The couple made headlines in 2016 after Jones got into a fight with Warren Vincentz, a board member at Newark Cemetery. Jackson was engaged in a movement to clean up Newark Cemetery in 2016. Her request was not financially supported, though, by the cemetery’s board of directors. As a supposed consequence, Jackson and Vincentz, whom she accused of acting inappropriately with her, got into a fight.

Both the police and Jackson’s boyfriend, Horatio, were informed of the occurrence. When Horatio arrived, he made an effort to photograph Vincent’s license plate, which sparked a physical altercation between the two. Eventually, Horatio punched Vincent in the face.

Jackson subsequently accused the cemetery’s board of financial mismanagement, legal infractions, and a lack of openness in its financial dealings in her complaint to the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs.

Karima Jackson Instagram

Karima Jackson does have an Instagram account, with the username @karimajackson. But unlike her siblings,  she is less active on social media.

Karima Jackson age

Karima Jackson is 29 years old, as of the time of writing this article.

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