Jas Prince: Son of music mogul who followed in his father’s footsteps, discovered Drake

Jas Prince: Son of music mogul who followed in his father's footsteps, discovered Drake

Jas Prince, a prominent entertainment chief executive, has made a name for himself in the music industry, drawing inspiration from his well-respected and prominent father. As the son of such a revered figure, Jas Prince has flourished as a music executive and businessman, currently serving as the CEO of Young Empire Music Group.

Growing up immersed in a world filled with music and entrepreneurial spirit, Jas Prince inherited his father’s passion for the industry.

This piece explores the captivating journey of Jas Prince, who is best known for discovering and launching the career of the popular rapper, Drake.

Jas Prince biography

Jas Prince in his car

Jas Prince was born on October 30, 1987, in Houston, Texas, United States of America. He comes from a family with a strong music background as his father, James Prince, is the founder of Rap-A-Lot Records, a successful record label based in Houston.

Jas Prince grew up surrounded by the elements of the music business. He began working in the industry as a music executive at a young age. In 2007, he discovered the music of a young rapper from Toronto named Aubrey Drake Graham, who was using the stage name “Drake”.

The renowned music mogul is an American national of African American descent. According to his date and month of birth, Jas Prince is a Scorpio. He stands 5 feet, 7 inches tall.

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Jas Prince drip

Jas Prince started his career in the American music industry. He discovered Canadian rapper, Drake, and helped him become successful. Jas Prince introduced Drake to Dwayne Carter Jr., known professionally as Lil Wayne, who then signed the young rapper to his record label, Young Money Entertainment. After that, Jas Prince became Drake’s manager and helped him secure record deals and promote his music to a larger audience,

Jas Prince has also been active in the music industry in different roles. He has partnered with musicians such as Bun B, YG, and Slim Thug. Additionally, he has been involved in activities related to publishing, producing, and distributing music.

Jas Prince

Apart from being involved in the music industry, Jas Prince is a businessperson involved in various types of businesses. He has worked in real estate and technology startups, and he has invested in various other companies. He is known for being skilled in business and has received recognition for his achievements as an entrepreneur.

Also, Prince, alongside his father and brothers, is very much involved in boxing promotions. The Prince family have always been known to be heavily involved in boxing.

Jas Prince’s net worth

Jas Prince showing off a fish he caught

According to media reports, Jas Prince’s net worth is estimated to be around $500 million. He has earned his wealth primarily through his success as a music executive and entrepreneur.

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Jas Prince family

The Prince family is deeply rooted in the music industry and is highly respected in the U.S. state of Texas. Prince’s father, James Prine, is a prominent figure in the hip-hop genre.


Jas Prince with dad, James Prince
Jas Prince with dad, James Prince

James Prince, Prince’s father, was born on October 31, 1964. He is a prominent American music executive and entrepreneur. He is widely recognized as the founder and CEO of Rap-A-Lot Records, one of the most influential hip-hop labels in the American music industry. Known for his shrewd business acumen and eye for talent, James Prince has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of hip-hop music.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, James Prince started his journey in the music industry during the 1980s. He initially began as a concert promoter, organising events and bringing notable artists to Houston. Recognising the emerging popularity of hip-hop and the lack of representation for Southern artists, Prince decided to establish his record label, Rap-A-Lot Records, in 1986.

Under James Prince’s leadership, Rap-A-Lot Records quickly gained prominence and became a driving force in the hip-hop scene, particularly in the southern region of the United States. The label’s early success came with the signing of the influential group, Geto Boys, which included iconic rappers Scarface, Willie D, and Bushwick Bill. The Geto Boys’ gritty and socially conscious music resonated with audiences, and their albums achieved critical acclaim and commercial success.

Jas Prince showing off boxing gloves

Prince’s eye for talent and business opportunities helped him to expand Rap-A-Lot Records’ roster, as he signed and developed artists such as Big Mike, Do or Die, Devin the Dude, and Z-Ro. The label’s distinct sound and unapologetic approach to rap music played a crucial role in shaping the genre’s direction, particularly in the southern part of the U.S.

James Prince has also been involved in other ventures. He has dabbled in the boxing industry, managing several successful boxers and promoting high-profile matches. Prince’s business ventures have also extended to real estate, publishing, and film production.

Jas Prince’s parents have been married since the 1980s and are still together to this day. His mother is Mary Prince. The younger Prince has six siblings, two boys and four girls.

Jas Prince age

Jas Prince was born on October 30, 1987. He is currently 35 years and will celebrate his 36th birthday in 2023.

Jas Prince Instagram

Jas Prince with son

Jas Prince is very active on Instagram under the username, @Jas.Prince. His page is filled with images of himself and his friends, as well as information about music.

He is also fond of sharing images of his adorable little son, although he has never disclosed anything about his lover on social media. The music executive has garnered 383,000 followers, as of the time of writing this piece.

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