James Brown: Biography, career, Bobrisky beef, age

James Brown: Biography, career, Bobrisky beef, age

James Chukwueze Obialor, popular as James Brown, is a Nigerian internet personality, cross-dresser, actor, content creator, comedian, dancer, and brand influencer.

He is better known for the catchphrase “They did not caught me.” 


He was born on February 22, 1999, as James Chukwueze Obialor. 

He is Igbo from the South-East of Nigeria, but he is also quite proficient in Yoruba, as he spent most of his early years in Mushin, a ghetto in Lagos.  

He was born into the Peter Obialor family in Lagos State, Nigeria. James Brown admitted that he didn’t have a close bond with his mother.

He claimed that after giving birth to him, his mother expressed regret and had not been a part of his life for almost ten years. 

Even though his mother is still alive, according to the crossdresser, she is dead to him.

He rose to fame after being detained at a gay party at the Kelly Ann Hotel in Egbeda, Lagos.  He became known as “They did not caught me” because of his grammatical mistake. Following his arrest in 2018, he claimed he had HIV, passed on to him from his mother when he was born. He has since recanted, claiming that he said so to get out of custody. 

He became a social media sensation when he agreed to a video interview during the police parade and earned the moniker “They Didn’t caught me.” 

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James Brown

Since making headlines following his incarceration, James Brown has established a solid reputation in the entertainment business. 

James Brown, a controversial cross-dresser, has managed to compete with other cross-dressers by appearing in some Nollywood films. He will also be featured in a documentary by the American pay television network, HBO.

James debuted his debut song, Hey Durlings, in March 2021. He has since continued to strive for greatness by updating his fans on his aspirations to appear in upcoming motion pictures. He is also the author of The Chronicles of an African Princess. In the book, he tells people his story unfiltered. He stated in an interview that once people read the book, it would change their narrative of him.

James Brown and Bobrisky beef

James Brown and Bobrisky

When you think you have seen everything about the drama involving Bobrisky and his protege James Brown, new angles pop up on social media. 

The drama began when James Brown called out Bobrisky and mentioned that his senior in the cross-dressing industry was threatening to kill him.

James Brown claimed that Bobrisky blamed him for stealing his belongings. In response, Bobrisky shared a conversation with James Brown in which the singer threatened to imprison him.

James Brown, who wasn’t afraid of what might happen, claimed that he was not scared of Bobrisky’s threat.

Bobrisky also accused James Brown of being ungrateful. He stated that James Brown wouldn’t be where he is now without him. James Brown replied, saying he did not owe him anything.

James Brown was recently in the limelight for dragging his senior colleague Bobrisky after the latter stated in a Snapchat video that he spent N75 million on hair and makeup alone.

In his response, James Brown emphasised how absurd Bobrisky’s assertion is and questioned how the man could keep lying for so long. 

The Princess of Africa, as he is sometimes called, claimed that although he does hair and cosmetics, his fees are not as expensive as those cited by Bobrisky.

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The Nigerian dancer and cross-dresser was born on February 22, 1999. He is 23 years old.


James Brown -Princess of Africa

James Brown is a popular crossdresser. He refers to himself as the Princess of Africa or the Princess of Nigeria.

James Brown’s sister’s teeth

James Brown posted a picture of himself and his sister Grace on his social media page in March 2021 to announce that they had been reunited after five years apart.

According to the story narrated by James Brown on his YouTube channel, he stated that his sister lost her teeth after she had an accident while trying to cross the road when they were younger. He revealed in the video that she tried crossing the road without his help even after he told her not to. And that as she was crossing, she was hit by an oncoming bike.

Net worth 

His net worth is estimated at N83 million ($200,000). He has earned money through various endorsement agreements, blog posts, advertising videos, songs, goods, accessories, and YouTube.


He has been into some controversy, including the time he pretended to have HIV when he was detained with some homosexuals in 2018.

James Brown claimed that his mother infected him with HIV while giving birth. He soon admitted, though, that he had lied about having HIV, explaining that he had done so to protect himself from the police.

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