Jalen Kitna: Young football star whose child porn case soiled his career

Jalen Kitna: Young football star whose child porn case soiled his career

Jalen Kitna had a promising career but the moment he was charged with disorderly conduct, his career took a nose dive. While fans desire to have an update on his case, football clubs and brands have pulled back from engaging Kitna as a result of his acts.

So, who is Jalen Kitna? How and why did his decline in his career occur rapidly?

Jalen Kitna in action

Jalen Kitna biography

Jalen Kitna, born in 2003, comes from Tacoma, Washington, in the United States of America. 

His educational journey began at a private school in his hometown. Kitna subsequently enrolled at Waxahachie High School in 2017. During his sophomore year, he attended Brophy College Preparatory and followed by a transfer to Frisco High School for his junior year in 2019. He completed his high school education at Burleson High School.

In 2021, he took a significant step in his academic pursuit after he was admitted to the University of Florida. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Marketing.

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Over the years, Kitna has succeeded in carving a niche for himself in the world of American football.

He currently resides in Gainesville, which is situated in the U.S. state of Florida.

Jalen Kitna with a teammate

Jalen Kitna career

Kitna’s passion for football was instilled in him by his father and siblings. He spent countless hours training as a young boy. Under his father’s guidance, Kitna acquired a solid foundation of skills that would serve him well in his future endeavours.

Throughout his high school years, Kitna showcased his talent on the football field. Even when he got transferred to several schools, he got the chance to showcase his talent and shine for the teams of his respective schools.

In May 2020, Kitna received an offer from the University of Florida, a prestigious institution known for its strong football programme. Upon being admitted into the university, he joined the Florida Gators football team and signed the letter of intent in December 2020. Kitna’s dreams were starting to materialise as he prepared to embark on the next chapter of his football journey.

However, Kitna’s path to success took an unexpected turn. On November 30, 2022, he was arrested and booked into the Alachua County Jail on grave charges related to child exploitation. The arrest came after a tip received by the city police, who suspected Kitna of being involved in child abuse. Following an investigation, authorities found explicit images of minors on his cell phone, and he was subsequently charged with three counts of child possession and two counts of distributing exploitative material.

As news of Kitna’s arrest reached the public, the University of Florida had no choice but to take immediate action. On January 8, 2023, the university announced Kitna’s suspension from the football team.

The school released a statement, which read: “We are shocked and saddened to hear of the news involving Jalen Kitna. These are extremely serious charges and the University of Florida and the [University Athletic Association] have zero tolerance for such behaviour.”

Kitna released a statement saying, “I want to start off by apologising to my family, my friends and those that care about me.

“Their support through this whole ordeal has meant a lot to me. The hardest thing about this whole process has been seeing how it’s affected them.”

Recent developments have seen the five child pornography charges against him dropped through a plea deal, as reported by Matt Zenitz of On3. He, however, still faces two counts of disorderly conduct, which carry six months of probation each. It is worth noting that he will not be registered as a sex offender and no fines have been imposed for these charges.

The allegations and evidence presented had cast a dark shadow over his once-promising career. Kitna was released on an $80,000 bond later in December 2022. The former quarterback for the Florida Gators has decided to explore opportunities outside of Gainesville by entering the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) transfer portal.

Jalen Kitna smile

Jalen Kitna stats

According to Fox Sports, Kitna’s statistics are as follows:

  • Passing Yards: 181 PYDS
  • Passing Touchdowns: 1 PTD
  • Rushing Yards: 6 RYDS
  • Rushing Touchdowns: 0 RTD
  • Points: 6 PTS
  • Touchdowns: 1 TD
  • All Purpose Yards: 6 AP YDS

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Jalen Kitna net worth

According to reports, Kitna has an estimated net worth of $1 million. 

Jalen Kitna family

Kitna has two brothers and one sister: Jordan, Jada, and Jamison. He also has two other siblings – Jennifer and Jon Kitna – whose guardianship was taken on by his parents.

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Jalen Kitna parents

Kitna’s parents are Jon and Jennifer Kitna. Jennifer and Jon Kitna‘s journey began at Central Washington University, where they first met.

Gradually, their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship. They tied the knot on August 13, 1994, in Washington. Fast forward to 2023, and the couple has celebrated 28 years of marriage and gracefully weathering the storm that came its way.

Jalen Kitna with his parents

During their dating phase, Jennifer discovered Jon’s infidelity, which nearly spelt the end of their relationship. It was October 1993, a pivotal moment that pushed their connection to its breaking point.

Kitna’s father, reflecting on his past mistakes, confessed: “I was an alcoholic, cheating my way through college. I was a womanizer.”

His actions led Jennifer to catch him in bed with another woman. He questioned himself: “What am I doing with my life? This was the best thing that ever happened to me, something I didn’t deserve. She’s far too beautiful. She loves me. What are you doing?”

Years later, Jennifer, reflected on those trying times.

She stated: “Being young and in love, it was a big blow. We stayed up late that night and talked. I could tell he was genuinely remorseful because he punched the wall with his throwing hand.”

Jennifer and Jon’s love story is one of forgiveness, growth, and the resilience of love. 

Jalen Kitna age

Kitna was born on March 22, 2003. He is currently 20 years old.

Jalen Kitna Instagram

There are several accounts with the name Jalen Kitna but none of them belongs to the American sportsman. Hence, Kitna does not have an Instagram account yet.

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