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‘It’s Joever’: What the catchphrase means, top 7 memes

It’s Joever: What the catchphrase means, top 7 memes - Skabash!

It is the presidential election campaign season in the United States of America. Already, the race for the White House is heating up in both the mainstream and social media. “It’s Joever”, a catchphrase that began in 2020, is beginning to trend again.

So, what is this “it’s Joever” all about? Read this article to find out.

What is ‘It’s Joever’?

“It’s Joever” is a catchphrase that depicts the US president, Joe Biden, during the 2020 presidential elections. “Joever” is a blend of “Joe”, the president’s name, and “over”. Today, the catchphrase is usually used for trolling on social media. It is now used as a replacement for “it’s over.”

‘It’s Joever’ memes

According to Know Your Meme, “It’s Joever” is a meme which shows the President standing at a podium looking solemnly at what he is reading, thus conveying a weird sense of sadness that is contrasted by the silly pun written above him. The meme was inspired by the Donald Trump meme called “It’s Over”.  Trump’s meme follows the same pattern except the pun. Meme creators the former president’s image with many sad-looking characters, including Joe Biden himself.

“It’s Joever” has now become a common meme on Twitter, often used to troll users who share unpopular opinions.

Below are some of the best “It’s Joever” memes.

1. We’re Barack

We’re Barack

The opposite of “It’s Joever” is “We’re Barack”, a blend of “we are” and “Barack”. Barack refers to the 44th and first African American president of the United States, Barack Obama. Biden was Obama’s Vice President and the duo were legendary for their friendship throughout their tenure. Meanwhile, “we’re Barack” actually means “we are back”.

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2. “It’s Joever” for Trump

“It’s Joever” for Trump

If you have been following the news, then you know Trump has several cases in court. However, they have not deterred the former US president from running for a second tenure at the White House. His mugshot may have inspired many memes, including this one, but it is not “Joever” for him to chase his presidential ambitions.

3. It is not Joever!

It is not Joever!

This is an AI-inspired Joe Biden meme currently making waves on the internet. In the meme, a furious Biden is screaming, “IT ISN’T JOEVER” with fire blazing out of what is presumed to be a part of the White House. Like Trump, Biden has faced criticism for his policy decisions. Many, particularly Republicans, do not want him back in the Oval Office. But here is the 46th US president telling all “It’s not JOEVER!”

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4. It’s more than Joever

It’s more than Joever

Ever seen a movie where the protagonist is walking under the rain depressed? This is exactly what Biden’s image portrays. It is important to note that there are other images similar to this, all depicting the character’s depressed state of mind.

5. Trump’s trouble is Joeover!

Trump’s trouble is Joeover!

This is another “it’s Joever” meme showing Trump at a court proceeding looking like he has given up on his ambitions. Part of his legal problems include his net worth which he reportedly falsely declared. However, recent news indicates that the former US president’s ambitions are far from over as the US Supreme Court has declared him eligible to compete in the 2024 presidential elections. Talk about tough times not lasting, only tough people do.

6. It’s Joever for your village people

It's Joever for your village people

This meme shows Biden flying over his desk while taking a selfie. It reminds one of the village witches flying over peoples’ homes at night looking for who the destroy. If you have met them before, this is how you declare their antics null and void. You can even be like Biden and fly over those village people to cause havoc. Let them know how it feels, lol.

7. It’s Joever for enemies who underestimate you

It's Joever for enemies who underestimate you

Everyone has a breaking point. Even Moses in the Bible, who was regarded as the meekest man of his time, lost his temper at some point.  When you are tired of tolerating nonsense from people who think they can use you to mop the floor, remind them that you are royalty. Make it clear that it is really, “Joever!” for them.

‘It’s Joever’ origins

“It’s Joever” catchphrase can be traced to a publication published on October 14, 2020, just before the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. An anonymous 4chan user posted a Joe Biden image to the /pol/ image board with a caption written in all caps: “IT’S JOEVER.” The meme seemed to mock leftists with a perceived defeat of Biden. However, the catchphrase began to trend on Twitter in late 2022 when users began to create memes with it.

Today, the meme is used for non-political reasons, particularly to mock those who share unpopular opinions.

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