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Incredible: 24-year-old converts his car into a ‘helicopter’, displays it 

24-year-old man builds an helicopter

A 24-year-old young man has fulfilled his dream of one day owning a helicopter after he successfully converted his car into one.

The young Indian man, identified as Mithilesh Prasad, made some modifications to his car so it could pass for a helicopter.

He fitted some conventional helicopter-like parts such as a tail boom and a tail rotor to the main rotor to make it look like a real helicopter.

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However, the ‘helicopter’ built by Mithilesh Prasad is limited because it cannot fly.

The young man said he’s not resting on his oars despite achieving this feat; he still nurses an ambition to build an aircraft in the future.

In an Instagram post by @trtworld, Mithilesh Prasad’s handiwork was showcased, and a narration of how he fulfilled his dream of building a helicopter followed.

Mithilesh Prasada earns a living by renting his ‘helicopter’ car for various occasions such as weddings and other ceremonies.

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Young Man Builds ‘Bugatti’ Car From Local Materials, Shares Cute Pictures

Meanwhile, a young African man made headlines after he fulfilled his long-time dream of building his own car.

The South African man from Bergville in Woodford, identified as Thembelani Zondo, said he saved the Sassa R350 (N8,596) grant money given to him and used it to buy materials for the car project.

According to the African Products Growth Facebook page, the young South African built the ‘car’ with his hands and didn’t use any machinery in the process.

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