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Important things to check before buying used iPhone – Nigerian man explains

Important things to check before buying used iPhone - Nigerian man explains 1

A TikTok user, @kagantech, has taken to social media to advise people on the important things to check before buying a used iPhone.

He said that while buying a used iPhone can be a more affordable option, it’s important to make sure you’re getting a device in good condition. The first thing to check is the phone’s physical appearance, including the screen and any dead pixels.

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Additionally, test that the true tone and brightness adjustment are working properly. Next, check the phone’s speaker by playing audio files or videos to ensure both the top and bottom speakers are working.

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If the phone has multiple cameras, test them all by taking a selfie and recording a video to check the audio playback. Another crucial aspect to check is the battery’s health, which can be found in the settings under the battery.

If the battery health is at 100% for a used iPhone from 2023, there may be fraudulent activity or altered settings. Also, be sure to test the sim card lock and wifi connectivity. Finally, ensure that the Face ID and touch features are functioning correctly, as a malfunction could indicate a stolen phone.

Watch the video below:

@kagantech Here are the most important things to check before you buy that used iPhone! Don’t let anyone scam you! And stop buying chip unlocked iPhones! #iphonetips #iphonetipsandtricks #kagantech ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

See reactions below:

@BIG🥇SAMMY😈🦅🇬🇧: “Before I go check all this things, the phone seller go don sell market finish, even start to Dey lock store.”

@Personalshopper: “Will the seller allow us check all these 😂.”

@OluwatosinOffical: “I’m not broke in Jesus name.”

@Sleek_Prince: “Dem don dey install Truetone after changing screen now.”

@dave👑: “for computer village Dem go let you test this things so😅.”

@OFFICIAL_OJIH: “Just download phonediagnostics, it has everything you’ll need to check your phone even when you have your phone, you still need the app.”

@callmexeco: “na all this one u wan dey do for computer village 😂.”

@IdrisMoni: “Most important things I checked first is the battery health & the Camera🤞.”

@HARMONYTECHNOLOGIES: “They now install True Tone ohhhhh the engine to install it is like 70-80k.”

@TOXIC😈🍭💔: “Ikeja boys no go give you time do all these one bros😂.”

@MarqueeShift: “Never knew this, got an LCD screen and it killed the battery 💀.”

@OBEHI: “Or just get a new iphone to avoid surprise later 😩.”

@AdesegunMoronfolu: “My iPhone’s screen has been changed (the vendor told me) but there’s true tone 🤣🤣🤣.”

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