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I’m bored: Oyinbo lady says she’d pay any man that DMs her to keep her company

Oyinbo lady promises to psoil any man who DMs her

A good-looking oyinbo woman has made headlines after she offered to pay any man who would accept to keep her company.

The woman identified as Momma Heather said she’s bored and doesn’t mind spending her money on any man who offers to DM her.

In a TikTok video, she explained that boredom has gotten the better of her, and she desperately needs someone who’d keep her company by texting her.

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She added that she’s ready to do anything, including paying heavily in cash for any man who would give her attention. She said she will pay via payment channels such as Paypal, Zelle, etc.

“I’m looking for someone to be texting me frequent every day and keeping me out of boredom, and I spoil you in return with my wealth and money. Text me if you’re interested to do that for me, but I can only pay you through Cashapp, Zelle, Apple Pay and PayPal,” she said.


I’m looking for someone to be texting me frequent everyday and keeping me out boredom and I spoil you in return with my wealth and money text me if you’re interested to do that for me but I can only pay you trough cashapp, zelle , Apple Pay and PayPal ❤️

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Oyinbo Lady Travels All The Way From Abroad To Visit Nigerian Man Who Lives In The Trenches

Meanwhile, a Nigerian man known as Mayor expressed his excitement after he received an Oyinbo lady, who travelled all the way from abroad to see him.

In a TikTok video, the lady was seen in the company of the young man she came to see and his friends. She was spotted walking on a narrow wood plank to get to the other side and at some point acted scared and like she was about to cry.

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