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‘I won’t leave my home if my husband cheats’ – Patience Ozokwor

"I won't leave my home if my husband cheats" - Patience Ozokwor

Veteran female actor, Patience Ozokwor has stirred reactions online after stating her position on infidelity.

Popularly known as Mama G, she made what has turned out a controversial comment on ‘Mercy’s Menu’ cooking show, where she said infidelity is not a deal breaker.

According to her, she won’t be divorcing her husband if he cheats.

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When asked about infidelity in marriage as a deal breaker, she said; “Me I’m not going to leave my house for anybody o.

You are the visitor that came in, find your way out, I will so hold my family, so polish it and sweep out all the dirt.”

This has sparked reactions online as some are of the opinion that her ideology was due to her training as most people of her age would not walk away from cheating husbands.

Meanwhile, some commentators encouraged her position as this they say will bring about a reduction in divorce.

Whilst on this show, however, Patience Ozokwor advised that in situations of battery and domestic violence, the abused must run out of such union.

@uchemaduagwu wrote:
“This is her own personal opinion, same reason some Nigerians prefer APC despite all their failure and would never leave Hardship to embrace Peter OBI better Naija dream. Any woman who refuses to walk out of Marriage where Husband Cheat like YOYOYO need OBASICAL church Deliverance with enough Hausa perfume”

@stellz_dennis commented:
“I tell myself the same thing… I never leave my marriage because of infidelity, no way! Unless,I start experiencing domestic violence, no love,no care and attention then at some point I may break and leave else I dey with my husband. Future husband abeg treat me nice o”

@precious_ibini said:
“I don’t take relationship/ marriage advice from social media. I do what I want for my own peace”

@solidarity1156 wrote:
“This is why women need to be financially independent, when he knows you can actually live more better without him, believe me, he will respect you and himself.”

@abistles commented:
“80% of our mother’s generation are this way, to each their own sha… I reserve my comment.”

@tkinzystar joked:
“Truth is mama G will not leave but that woman that try to steal her man will hear from Eze nmuo”

@njelwears reacted:
“She is from that generation, is not her fault”

@blessynee noted:
“People shouting they will not …wait until they experience it ..especially the disrespect that comes with it”

@true_omathey observed:
“This is why couples of that generation are still married till death do them apart! 80% of our present generation don’t know that language.”

@ayo_d_first said:
“Infidelity should be a deal breaker pls… there are a lot of deadly stds flying around town. Lagos for example hiv is the new pandemic 😷 if you can’t stay faithful to your partner it not a must you get married”

Patience Ozokwor made me quit indecent dressing – Mercy Johnson reveals

Meanwhile, Nollywood star, Mercy Johnson Okojie, has revealed how Patience Ozokwor made her quit indecent dressing for her children’s sake.

She revealed this during a conversation with Ozokwor on this week’s edition of her weekly cook show, Mercy’s Menu.

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Patience Ozokwor had asked her if she remembered the advice she gave her some years back on her dressing. Mercy acknowledged saying she told her to dress properly because of her children.

Ozokwor said “Do you remember when you were younger before you got married when I told you that the photos u take today, your children will see them tomorrow.”

Mercy Johnson replied, “Yes you did, you told me Mercy dress properly, you will have kids and when they grow up, they will ask you, why are you looking this way, yes I remember, I’m lucky but I still learned the hard way really.”

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