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My boyfriend should be able to give N20m when I demand N1m – Yvonne Jegede

My boyfriend should be able to give N20m when I demand N1m - Yvonne Jegede 1

Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede has revealed her ideal man.

The actress, who was a guest on The Honest Bunch podcast, said she wants a good man who can give her N20 million when she asks him for N1 million.

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Skabash recalls that the actress who was married to Olakunle ‘Abounce’ Fawole revealed that the reason their marriage ended was because she was the actual breadwinner.

Regretting choosing love over money in the past, she now wants a man who will be willing to give her 20 times of any amount of money she demands.

“I’m looking for a man with a good mind and empathy that can give me N20 million when I ask for N1 million,” Yvonne Jegede said in Pidgin English.

See reactions:

@oluchukwu_____: “When you date an intentional man you go know say dating sweet.”

@justbeing_lovely: “Never has it been heard in the history of Nigeria that a woman takes accountability for her failed marriage. It’s always the men’s fault!!!Ikegwuru 😏.”

@thefoodnetworknig2: “Which date una do this 20million cut off mark meeting? Una no send memo reach my side na 😩.”

@itzbastv: “To see such man is easy, na you no want make them use you 😂.”

@obynodaddymuna: “Nedu please invite her husband you will discover so many things covered behind the scenes.”

@adeoluolatomide: “Lol. Why are y’all misinterpreting what she said? She just needs a man that would take good care of her.”

@george_debarge: “MEN!!! Do you not use your one night stand for a wife…. Please know the difference.”

@gb_aromatic: “But make una calm down she is just exaggerating we all understand what she means na…she just want an intentional, kind man.”

@iamstalkar: “That is why most of you will keep on fall for guys like Andrew. Them swear for una say una no fit be successful too?”

@mayorsoj: “This woman is almost 45 For crying out Loud . why is she reasoning like a toddler.”

@mykel_payne: “Ole….Senior Ozuor. Make I Sha dey archive una talks. The future is near. We go soon use them.”

@_staysolidd: “I see the plan here you’ve ruined your lives so the plan is to help the young ones ruin theirs so y’all can be even lmao nice strategy.”

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