I took my husband back after he cheated, it was right thing to do – US lady claims

I took my husband back after he cheated, it was right thing to do - US lady claims 1

A Texas lady who divorced her cheating husband after he revealed having an affair with a coworker has reconciled with him, calling it the “best decision of her life.”

Alice Lacy, 29, began dating Dominique Lacy, 33, in 2014, and the couple married four years later.

They merged their families and settled into a life with six children in Texas.

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However, Alice began to believe her barmaid beau was having an affair early last year.

“I knew something was wrong when he randomly said one night how hard it was for a man to stay with only one woman and that women would never understand,” the jilted wife told on Wednesday.

“I knew he was hiding an affair,” she continued. “He just kept brushing it off, saying there was nothing wrong and that he loved me and our family. We made love later that week and I cried myself to sleep that night. Despite him denying anything was going on, it was as if my body, mind and soul could feel the truth.”

In October 2022, Alice finally confronted Dominique and he confessed to an affair with a female co-worker.

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Dominique, shockingly, defined the mistress as his “soulmate” and claimed to have fallen in love with her.

“After he declared she was his soulmate, I inquired if he preferred her over our children, to which he replied, ‘Yes, I love her.’ “That’s when my heart left the conversation,” Alice explained.

The mother was distraught, claiming she wanted to “cry and lie in bed” all day.

The straying spouse left the marital home to pursue a connection with his coworker, but two days later he texted Alice, admitting he’d made a terrible mistake.

“I was so confused and needed to think things through,” Alice said of the shocking text from her estranged hubby. “But then he showed up at the front door to our house.”

“He showed me the message to the other woman with him ending their affair and got on his knees and cried — he said doing this to our marriage was the biggest regret of his life.”

Despite her reservations, Alice chose to give her husband another chance, despite her family’s objections.

“They thought I was crazy because they were so disgusted with the whole situation,” she explained.

“I had so many concerns about them [Dominique and the mistress] still working together,” she said. “I was afraid he was lying and they’d continue the affair, or that he wouldn’t be able to resist her.”

“But he constantly reassures me and has even offered for me to read through all of his texts,” Alice continued. “I feel as though our relationship is more open now, that we can be more honest with each other.”

Dominique is no longer employed at the pub where he met his mistress, and he thanks Alice for giving him a second opportunity.

He, like her, believes their bond is stronger than ever.

“I made a terrible and horrific mistake that almost cost me my marriage and my family,” he said .

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