I love breastfeeding my husband, it makes our bond stronger – Woman [VIDEO]

I love breastfeeding my husband, it makes our bond stronger - Woman [VIDEO] 1

A woman who breastfeeds her husband has caused a buzz online as she shared the reason for her action. 

In a viral video, the woman said she loves breastfeeding him because it has strengthened their bond.

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She claims nothing is wrong with breastfeeding an adult, backing others who have been doing it.

In the video, her husband also shared his thoughts. He stated that breast milk is not harmful to the body.

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According to him, it’s a natural liquid coming out of a human body. He said it doesn’t hurt him, and neither does it hurt his wife.

Netizens react:

@automodsau: “Their own wahala. They should not call us when it happen the other way 😂😂😂”

@beo2wolf: “See the guy face, he’s waiting for mummy to give him the green light to speak.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”

@bosssyjay: “Wahalar 😂😂😂”

@houseofsassyuk: “The guy obviously lost his mum as a baby and catching up with his wife, cos what da he*k is going on 😮😮😮”

@rayo_babe: “Everyone with their own family issues, inflation lo ba mi.”

@king.pager: “Better Dan 🐮 own.. abi when grown up 🐮 don’t even drink thier mama own anymore.”

@a_cupof_dee: “Your breast, your milk, your husband, your wahala.”

@toyin_ajose: “Which kind nonsense is that 😤sucking breast milk makes their marriage stronger? Orisirisi.”

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