‘I had two expensive cars at 24’: Nigerian man narrates how women changed his life 

'I had two expensive cars at 24': Nigerian man narrates how women changed his life  1

A Nigerian man has reflected on his past experiences with women, particularly while he was 24.

He revealed that he owned valuable assets, including a plot of land in Kaduna and two cars. Unfortunately, he lost all of these to his relationships with women.

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He revealed that he enjoyed a comfortable life in Kaduna with a government-provided apartment and financial stability. However, his reckless behaviour and relationship decisions led to the squandering of his resources.

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The man’s confession sparked reactions on social media.

Netizens react 

@bright___r: “Womanizing is so expensive! Get yourself a good lady and build together cause nothing dey outside again o.”

@youngcabraofficial: “My own if money doesn’t stress me woman can’t stress me….make money leave woman alone if you get GF stay one place if u no get no dey do hook-up HUSTLE WEREY.”

@leeeymarrrrh: “If you keep hearing these old people past experience you won’t want to marry and it is a lie .. like they might have had options not to marry that particular person but they were so hot headed.”

@harry_walter123: “A good woman would help you achieve everything but a woman who has nothing to lose, would help you lose everything.”

@kvnglammie_: “If you prioritize women over your hustle, it can never end well for you. Know this and know peace.”

@jonathanokon: “Use 23 hours to fear women”

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