‘I gave him out of pity’ – Funny little girl admits to giving boy her number

'I gave him out of pity' - Funny little girl admits to giving a boy her number

A young girl has caused a stir online after admitting to her brother in a funny exchange that she gave her number to a boy at school.

In a funny clip seen online, she admitted that she gave him after he pestered her to.

When pressed to explain further, the youngster explained that she gave in to the desperate plea of the boy. The brother, who was recording the video, sounded incredulous, inquiring if she wasn’t too young to give boys her digits.

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The youngster, who spoke in Yoruba, jokingly remarked that she had shared her contact details out of pity for the boy.

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@Aramideklever admired:
“Her voice sef dey gimme joy. She’s so funny”

@Simplytiphe08 said:
“Is the anu e shemi fr me”

@Richy Lina wrote:
“Me I never see Okunrin kan ask me out make I just pity him. God abeg am I a spoon”

Omolola Arike observed:
“This girl get confidence gan o I like her”

@Onitolo lateefat noted:
“I love her relationship with her brother, but God if I’m a crocodile why am I not in the river”

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Little girl encourages passersby to patronize her mum

Meanwhile, social media users have commended a pretty little girl who was captured in a video calling on passersby to patronize her mum.

The girl, later identified in the video as Precious, couldn’t sit by while her mum’s meat-pie business suffered.

To help her mum make sales, the Primary 1 pupil called out to people walking past, persuading them to buy the snack.

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Precious was full of energy and smiles as she pleaded with young men and women strolling by.

In one instance, a lady who had no intentions of buying and had walked past the glass display of snacks, stopped by to buy as a result of Precious’ persuasion.

Precious also refused a cash token from a customer who was presumably impressed by her actions.

The moment was captured and shared on TikTok by Calabar-based comedian, MC Tochi, who said the little girl’s gesture taught him that no one should be lazy.

The excitement with which the Primary 1 pupil carried out the task and the attention she got while at it have been applauded by social media who came across the video.

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