‘I don’t entertain nonsense’ – Lady blocks 711 phone contacts, netizens react

'I don't entertain nonsense' - Lady blocks 711 phone contacts, netizens react 1

A lady stirred reactions online after showing the 711 contacts she blocked on her phone.

In a TikTok video, @bothoselebogo revealed how her inability to tolerate nonsense made her block over 700 contacts.

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Her revelation caused a buzz, with a lot of people shocked over how she could accumulate so many contacts and block that much.

See reactions:

@ashanerose_: “not blocking a single person. my ignore game is as strong as Samson 😂🤣”

@drag_races: “How do you guys know 700+ people??🥺”

@short.girl.betty: “I’m beginning to question my whole existence cause why do I have 48 contacts in total and someone out here has 711 blocked contacts!?😭”

@noxoloimma: “My question is how did so many people get your contacts?😳”

@nomaswazizamazwan: “haibo how do you know so many people🤣🤣😂”

@nickky139: “way u ag do with 711 contacts🤣🤣i only have 13.”

@sizam__: “😭😭😭😭 no ways so many people?!”

@__itsherr0_: “If “i value my peace” was a person😭😂😂😂🤍”

@tolugrey_: “Collect award my dear.”

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