Man who slept off while cooking blames ‘bachelor life’ for his burnt beans

Man who slept off while cooking blames 'bachelor life' for his burnt beans 1

A bachelor named Bishop Bisa forgot about the food he had on fire as he dozed off while preparing something to eat after returning from work at night.

Bishop said that he had placed a pot of beans on his hot plate and decided to rest for a while. He soon fell asleep only to wake up by the next morning.

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Unfortunately, the beans were burnt beyond recognition in the pot. He posted images of the pot and blackened beans on X.

See the tweet below;

The tweet sparked reactions among netizens. See some below:

@venysah: “Then if he had a womam and she also slept off , she would be a useless woman”

@misandryna: “I really wish terrible things on men who only think of women when it comes to labour. I don’t wish you well.”

@eniturn: “You can still eat this, just small Jik and baking soda with agege bread.”

@HerRoyall: “You can still rinse and recook bro. Rinse thoroughly. Transfer it to another pot. Pour enough enough. If you have acid at home you can add it. Remove the water after 15 minutes. Put salt and stir. Your beans is ready.”

@Oma_GuGu: “The same thing happened to me. Gas wey I dey manage.”

@lenxi7: “Oh my! Sorry about that. Mine was boiling water i left on the gas over the night. I woke up to smoke all over the house.”

@daisy_katchy: “See you blaming your carelessness on not having a wife. I guess women are so perfect and shouldn’t make any mistake.
That’s how y’all think women are supposed to be flawless that if she was the one that burnt this food, you’ll ask who trained her or assume she isn’t woman enough”

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