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Hustle for Mama: Maid saves all her salary to build fine house for mum, in emotional story 

Maid saves all her salary to build house for her mama |skabash.com

A young lady has narrated how she picked herself up from depression and built a house for her mum.

The pretty lady, Shaheedah Cee, said she had to endure many things so that she could put a smile on her mama’s face.

In a TikTok video, she revealed that her father’s family maltreated her mum after her dad passed away.

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Shaheedah became a mum at the early age of 16, and then she had another child named Liam. Shortly after this, depression set in as she was weighed down by all the struggles her mum was going through.

However, Shaheedah Cee picked herself up and travelled to Dubai, where she worked as a maid. She managed to save all her salary, with which she built a big house for her mum.

“Hey Dad here’s an update since you left. Mum got kicked out by your family. I dropped out of school and became a house maid at 14 to help mum. Became a mum at 16. Then Liam came along.

Stayed in a toxic relationship for years cause I didn’t want to be a burden on mum. I fell into depression. Wanted to end the pain so I attempted suicide by cutting my wrist.

But after seeing how my mum has been neglected for years in poverty, I stopped feeling sorry for myself and picked myself from depression. Saved all my salary and built my mum a new house. I wish you could see her smile now baba,” she said.


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25-Year-Old Lagos Waitress Builds Her Parents A Home From Group Contribution

Meanwhile, a 25-year-old Lagos-based lady revealed how she built her parents a home from ajo contributions (savings).

Stating how ajo (a Yoruba word for group contribution) helped her achieve a lot, the lady explained that she used proceeds from her savings to fund her siblings’ education.

In a chat with Innocent Tino, she disclosed that the savings plan also helped her foot the bills for her father’s burial.

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