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How to tell she’s lady in the streets, freak in the sheets

How to tell she's lady in the streets, freak in the sheets

Back in my university days, a video was leaked online showing a female student having sex with her boyfriend in his off-campus apartment. The story was the boyfriend made the video to “remember” her whenever she wasn’t around and he got lonely. Unfortunately, his friend saw the video and copied it. Another friend saw the video on the friend’s phone and copied it as well. Other friends started seeing and copying and just like that, the video spread. The video was a shock to those who knew the girl. They never thought she was capable of what she displayed. She was a lady in the streets, a freak in the sheets.

Girls like to look decent and innocent on the outside. No one wants to be tagged a whore in public. But you can’t tell who a person is until you interact closely with them. It’s like taking a kitten to your house only to be confronted by a wild cat. That is how a lady in the streets, freak in the sheets is like. The quiet girl you met on the street may not be who she appears to be. You may call it pretense but I bet there are those who love mysterious girls.

Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets meaning

A lady in the streets, freak in the sheet is a quiet, decent, godly-looking lady on the outside but a total badass in the bedroom. She’s so presentable to the outside world but goes wild and does sexual stuff in the sheets, sex videos that will shock you. This type of girl is a sexual goddess, every guy’s dream girl in the sheets. She knows her way around a man’s body that will make him scream in bed.

How to tell if you’re a lady in the streets, freak in the sheets

Below are 10 signs that you are a lady in the streets, freak in the sheets:

1. You wear conservative clothes but your wardrobe is full of sexual stuff

You don’t care about pulling a ‘Kim K’ look in public. You’re not a very fashionable person. But your wardrobe is a different matter.  It’s full of kinky stuff like sexy lingerie, dildos, whipped cream etc. Babe, you’re a bahd geh.

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2. Everyone thinks you’re a virgin but you’re not

People think you’re a virgin. If only they know the things you’re capable of in the sheets. Your adventures, experience and experiments will shock even a chronic Casanova.

3. You don’t cringe at dirty talks

If you enjoy listening to dirty talks but don’t look it, you’re on this table. People may think your ears are too holy for such things. What they don’t know is your brain has a library full of them.

4. You don’t lose your cool in public

No matter how turned on you might be, you will never lose your control in public. But the moment you enter the bedroom, woah! You’re the ‘indabosky bahose’ of sex, the ‘liquid metal’ of bedroom matters.

5. You’re meek on the outside but a total freak in bed

You may look all innocent and sweet. People may describe you as humble or meek. Some might go as far as calling you weak. But only you and your partner know you’re different when it comes to the sheets. Even an open nymphomaniac knows nothing compared to you.

6. People are willing to defend your innocence

They are ready to swear that you know nothing about sex, anywhere, anytime. But in your mind, you laugh knowing that they are all wrong.

7. All the guys you get down with are shocked at your experience

Every guy you have sex with is shocked at your prowess. They can’t wrap their minds around your sexual skills and their pre-conceived notions about you.

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8. You’re down with anything in the sheets, but you don’t look it

In Mr. Macaroni’s voice, “freaky, freaky, you’re doing well.” You’re so down with anything in the sheets. Any positions your partner wants, you’re ready to do it. You may even introduce some that he did not think possible. Girl, you’re a firecracker.

9. You like tradition but you’re unconventional

Nothing makes you happier than following tradition. But you don’t resist change as well. You may be the church-going girl who believes that having sex before marriage is wrong. But as soon as you get home from church service, your clothes are off, ready for action.

10. You’re the mom-meeting type but a freak in the sheets

By your outward appearance and behaviour, you’re every mother’s dream wife for her son. Every mom wants their daughters to look up to her. You’re the perfect example of a conventional wife material. But in the bedroom, you’re a freak in the sheets. Your prospective mother-in-law will be the first to break your relationship if discovers that you’re a ‘ho’. Guess what, your man is enjoying your kerewa. That’s why he keeps coming back.

Gentleman in the streets, freak in the sheets

Men are generally more open about their sexual prowess than women. In fact, they are proud of their skills while the women prefer to hide theirs to maintain ‘good girl’ vibes. But not all guys who brag about their sexual skills are actually freaks in the sheets. Here are three signs that a guy is a gentleman in the streets, freak in the sheets.

Cool in public, tiger in bed

You see these cool, calm guys in the streets? Fear them. Due to their calm and decent looks, it is so easy to fall for them. You will think they’re semi-virgins until they show you the difference between “omg” and “OMG!!!”

Looks decent on the outside but doesn’t want a virgin

Any guy that looks like he is oozing holiness but doesn’t want a virgin is a gentleman in the streets and freak in the sheet. Guyman man wants to get down with a lady that matches his freaky nature.

When you’re shocked with his stamina

You get down with this humble guy and he turns out to be a bulldozer in bed. Yeah, he’s a gentleman in the street, freak in the sheets. Babe, you’re lucky.


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