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Intimacy: How to make a man cry in bed

Intimacy: How to make a man cry in bed

Ladies, let’s gather here and talk about how to make a man cry in bed. Gone are the days when a woman is expected to lie on the bed like a log of wood and let her man do “his thing.” Nowadays, men want more from their women. They want adventure. Our men want to spice things up in the bedroom or anywhere else. They want to go blind in orgasm. And it is your duty as a woman to give your man what he wants.

If you don’t know how to make your man cry in bed or you want to learn more, then sit back and let’s discuss spicy ways to do it.

Learn his sensitive spots

It is crucial to know your man’s “mumu button” during sex. One of the ways to spice things up in bed is to play with your partner’s sensitive spots, especially during foreplay. Lick and tease his ears, kiss and lightly suck his neck, and stimulate his nipples by sucking, kissing and biting. Kiss his bottom lip during sex. Do you know that men derive sexual pleasure at the sole of their feet? Give him a terrific blowjob. What I mean by a great blowjob is to go deep down on him. As in deep-throat. Do not forget to play with his balls while at it. It sends him to cloud nine while he cries out your name.

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Touch yourself

Men are very visual beings. They get off when their women touch themselves in their presence. Be bold and touch yourself in front of your man. The crazy thoughts that will run through his head will make him cry in bed for you.

Be active

Don’t just lie there like a corpse. Girl, move that body. Meet his thrusts with thrusts of your own, flex your pelvic muscles and grind your hips. Squeeze his arms and back. If he’s the aggressive type, scratch his back and bite him gently. Pull his body closer to yours and plant kisses all over him. That will tell him how you’re enjoying the action and make him scream in bed.

Men often don’t admit it, but they love a woman who knows what she wants in bed and how to get it. Many women don’t like to show their naughty side, preferring to maintain their “good girl” status. But all your man wants is to get maximum pleasure. So don’t hold back. Take the initiative to control things during sex. You can try the reverse cowgirl position, which prevents him from controlling the rhythm. You can also tell him he can’t talk and touch you without your permission. Tell him you’ll punish him if he disobeys you. Then explore his body to your heart’s content.

You can even play submissive to him if he’s the type that gets turned on when he’s entirely in charge. That works too. Make sure you have safe words when the action feels uncomfortable for you.

Try new positions during sex

Aunty, are you not tired of the missionary style? Spice up your sex life by trying different new positions. It will tip him over the edge. There are countless styles to choose from – cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy, wheelbarrow, golden arch, seashell, scoop me up, valedictorian etc. However, make sure any new position you choose is comfortable for you and your partner so that you won’t break your neck.

Tease him during the action

My sister, teasing during sex is not only a man’s job. There are several ways to tease your man. For instance, if he is the touchy type, tickle him to make him giggle. Play with his earlobes by placing them between your lips and tugging gently. Lean in for a kiss and back away playfully to build sexual tension.

Surprise him

Who says you must have sex in the bedroom? Babe, move the action to the couch in the sitting room, on the kitchen counter or floor, during showers in the bathroom, doorway, etc. You can surprise him if you have the money by booking a nice hotel room and inviting him there.

Apart from being spontaneous, trying new positions or teasing, you can make your man scream in bed by trying something he never saw coming. For instance, if he’s initiating sex all along, you can surprise him by starting it first. Prep yourself by wearing sexy lingerie of his favourite colour. Men generally love red and black. Wear a nice cologne. Make the bed and arrange scented and lighted candles all over the bedroom.

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Most importantly, play a piece of soft, sexy music to heighten the mood. I’ll recommend “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye. A classy song to get your man in the mood. If you don’t want to go that fancy, a massage will do. A massage is meant to relax the body but do you know you can arouse your man? Teasing his sensitive spots with just your lips and tongue is a sure way to go. Another way to surprise your man is to introduce sex toys and make your man play with them on you. Yeah, baby, he won’t be the only one to scream. I guarantee it.

Talk dirty

Women aren’t the only ones who get turned on by what they hear. My dear, your man wants you to talk dirty to him. Tell him how you’re enjoying giving him a blowjob. Tell him how he’s making you cum. Massage his ego by telling him how he feels inside you. Whisper demands and orders. Do you want him to go faster or slow down a little bit? Tell him. If you’re a screamer (which you should be), scream his name. That’s a significant turn on that will make him cry for you during orgasm.

Have a sense of humour

Do you know laughter releases the hormone oxytocin? It is responsible for bonding mothers to their babies and bringing couples together. Having a sense of humour will make your man relax and want to be around you all the time. The more he is around you, the greater chance of having sex. And the greater the sex, the greater chances of getting your man to cry in bed. You gerit?

Most importantly, communication is key to a satisfying sexual experience. Encourage your man to open up to what he likes, his fantasies, fetishes and kinks. This will allow you to talk about your own fantasies too. If you’re uncomfortable about some of his fantasies, let him know. Do not indulge in sexual positions that you’re uncomfortable with. Lastly, sex doesn’t start and end in penetration. Explore your body and your partner’s using these spicy tips on how to make your man cry in bed. You’ll be glad you did.

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