3 tips on how to hide your MTN number

3 tips on how to hide your MTN number

When making a call from Nigeria, do you want to disguise your phone number or Caller ID? Have you ever questioned why when a number calls your line, you do not see a name but instead see “Private” or no name at all? That is because the caller who called your line disguised his or her phone number, I suppose.

You will learn how to hide your MTN number in this article if you are interested in finding out how it is done. It does not require a lot of explanation and is fairly straightforward.

How to hide your MTN number

Method 1: USSD code

USSD code

You must carry out the following to hide digits on your MTN

  • Before dialling the desired number, open your dialer and enter #31#the recipient’s phone number
  • To contact 00112200445, for instance, the call format is #31#00112200445, followed by pressing the dial-up button on your MTN line
  • Once you have done so, even if the person you are calling has a caller ID app, he or she would not be able to see your caller name

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The ability to select whether to hide your MTN number from everyone you call or only from a certain individual is another benefit of this strategy. You can prevent callers from seeing your MTN number by dialling #31#, which will display a message on your screen stating that the outgoing caller ID service has been deactivated.

Method 2: Phone settings 

Phone settings 

Through call settings on some phones, you can hide your MTN phone number. Nevertheless, it is crucial to keep in mind that not all phones have access to these methods of disguising phone numbers. 

Use this easy process to hide your phone number in phone settings. 

  • Go to the settings on your phone
  • Choose call preferences
  • Click on more settings
  • Choose Hide number under caller ID

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As opposed to the MTN USSD code, which simply allows you to conceal a certain number. your mobile number is immediately obscured from any callers via this method. If your phone does not support hiding numbers in this way, you can see the call log and follow these instructions.

  • Check the settings
  • Calling accounts are visited 
  • Choose MTN
  • Click on more settings
  • Select caller ID
  • To hide a number, click on it

Method 3: Customer care

Call customer care

If you do not want to use prefixes or mess with your device’s settings to hide your caller ID, you may always ask MTN to turn off your caller ID for you. To contact customer assistance, you must dial the MTN official support line. 

If you have problems with calls being denied because the caller ID is deactivated, ask customer care to enable it once more. Always keep in mind that most carriers only allow ID concealing on local calls. Callers may be required to identify themselves under stricter regulations that apply to international calls.

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