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6 simple tips on how to check your 9mobile number

6 simple tips on how to check your 9mobile number

Have you ever had trouble forgetting your 9mobile number? There are situations when you could forget your phone number: this typically occurs when you change your network service provider or get a new sim card. People experience this difficulty on a regular basis.

Below, therefore, are six quick and simple tips for subscribers to check their 9mobile number.

How to check your 9mobile number

Method 1: Via USSD code

9mobile ussd code

Subscribers may easily access several services without having to speak to a 9mobile representative thanks to the USSD code, which has shown to be beneficial for both the telecom operator and its customers. It is quite engaging and functions almost exactly like calling 9mobile customer service. The cherry on top is that it is easy to use and is not time-wasting.

Simply enter *248# on the dialer pad of your phone to find out your 9mobile phone number. Once dialled, a voice responds immediately listing various prompt commands. Pay attention to and follow the commands diligently. 

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You should dial the number again if you do not receive a response.

Or you can also use *200# to get your 9mobile number. Follow the steps below to do that:

  • Open your phone’s dialer pad and enter *200#
  • Dial *200# to receive a list of options
  • Reply with 2 which is tagged My account
  • Select Show number by replying with 5
  • Your 9mobile number will instantly be displayed on your phone’s screen
  • Alternatively, you can dial *200*2*5# which I believe to be a quicker way to check your 9mobile number

Method 2:  Via customer care number 

To get your 9mobile number, you can call the network’s customer care service by dialling 200. The call is toll-free. Once the call is answered, inform the customer care agent/representative that you want to request your mobile number. The agent or representative will provide it after he or she deems that you have satisfactorily answered some security questions.

Method 3: Call someone to get your number

Ask or call a friend

If you are having trouble recalling your 9mobile number, it should not be difficult to find another number to contact. The idea is to call a friend’s number from your own and ask them to forward your 9mobile number to you. 

If they are not there, you may simply call them and ask them to transmit your phone number to you by WhatsApp or SMS.

Method 4: Send a call-me-back message on 9mobile

The call-me-back method is another option for customers to get to know their 9mobile number. This approach, however, causes anxiety because it takes a while before the response is delivered.

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Simply dial *266*4*recipient number# to place a call to another 9mobile contact. For example, *266*4*0809xxxxx

Method 5:  Via the 9mobile app

9mobile app

If you have the 9mobile App installed on your mobile device, you can check your phone number on it. But if you do not have the app, go to your phone’s app store and download the 9mobile app. Then, fill in the details needed and log in to the app.

Once you have logged in, you will see your number appear at the top of the app.

Method 6: Checking via the SIM toolkit

Every smartphone comes with this app, but not everyone is aware of it or uses it. Since purchasing your current phone, 

You can now view your 9mobile number by following the instructions below: 

  • From the phone’s menu, select/open SIM Toolkit. 
  • Choose 9mobile
  • Click on “My service” 
  • Click “My Account” next
  • Click “Show My Number”. To see this option, scroll a little bit higher
  • Your phone number will appear in a pop-up window right away.

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