Nigerian man refuses to kneel for engagement, tells fiancée to wear the ring herself

How real African men do it: Man gives fiancée engagement ring casually, tells her to wear it herself - skabash

A viral video has shown the moment a Nigerian man decided to perform his engagement differently by casually giving his fiancée the ring. 

In the short clip, which was posted by @gossipmilltv, the Igbo man was in a Lexus car with his girl, but instead of proposing on his knees like is the norm, he simply handed her the ring like he was giving her snacks and told her to wear it herself.

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According to him, there was no point in kneeling down to propose to a lady and all the drama that engagement entails.

“It is not easy to engage somebody, and there is no point in kneeling down,” he said. “This is how real African men do it. Oya shout small wow, not too loud, and say thank you.”

He also insisted that the ring has no business on the engagement finger and that it should go straight to the marriage finger.

His woman acted accordingly without any questions and even enjoyed the moment as she continued to laugh happily.

View the video below:

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It’s the “shout small wow” for me 😂😂😂

The video has generated diverse opinions online, with the majority of netizens applauding the man for his no-nonsense attitude. According to @remilekun_ashake, “Simple and funny no stress… abeg no kneel down for me …. and no put am for my food abeg…. give me or put am for where I go see am….”

@benbills007 also commented, “He’s rushing to go and open his shop abeg, he don’t have time to waste and be kneeling down and waiting for her to act surprised and all that..So please just take it and shout small wow.”

@chayyahs_kitchen added, “This man no get problem at all. No be all this kind over serious guy.”

@joelilyofficial, however, couldn’t control their laughter at the hilarious exchange, saying, “It’s d shout small wow for me 😂😂😂”

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