How pool fixtures work in sports

How pool fixtures work in sports

If you are familiar with sports betting, you may have an idea of what pool fixtures mean, even though you may not know the concept by name. Pool fixtures is a British term that many bettors or sports lovers may not be aware of.

For instance, a typical Nigerian football fan can know all the fixtures for the day but ask him or her what a pool fixture is and all you will get is a confused face. Hence, it is important to learn the term even when you already know what it entails. So stay in this space as we explore what pool fixtures mean and everything else you need to know.

What are pool fixtures?

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English defines a pool fixture as a sports match that has been arranged for a particular time and place. According to Recruitment Board, a fixture is the complete schedule of the games that will be played in a tournament, showing the times and teams for each game. In other words, it gives a complete schedule of games a team will play and information about when each game will occur as well as which team will be playing at home.

The oldest and most popular pool fixture is football. The famous betting game began in 1923 in Liverpool which had about 14 million people playing every week in its prime. Football pools are still popular today, especially among older bettors. The younger ones now prefer casinos and betting sites.

How do pool fixtures work?

Pool fixtures are simple and almost similar to sports betting. They also come with higher odds. However, they are limited to 49 matches for each prediction window, which is usually every week.

For instance, if this week is week 10, then next week should be week 11 and so on. But a pool player or staker is expected to predict at least three matches that will end draws. Unlike betting sites where there are various possibilities or outcomes to predict, pool fixtures only reward draws.

Once you predict at least three matches and they end in a draw, it means you have hit a jackpot and you will be paid x40 of your original stake. For instance, if your nap (your best bet of the day) is 3, 7, 11, it means all the matches listed on the serial numbers 3, 7 and 11 must end in draws otherwise, the prediction is not a win. Meanwhile, all odds remain 40. Your nap can also be more than three and they must all end in draws to make a win.

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Football pools results and fixtures

We are in week 26 and you can find football pool results for the week. You can find them below:

WEEK: 26;   SEASON: UK 2022/2023; DATE: 31-December-2022
Pool Results Status
1 Bournemouth -:- Crystal P. Saturday
2 Brentford -:- Liverpool Monday
3 Brighton -:- Arsenal LKO (Saturday)
4 Fulham -:- Southampton Saturday
5 Man City -:- Everton Saturday
6 Newcastle -:- Leeds Saturday
7 Nott’m For. -:- Chelsea Sunday
8 Tottenham -:- Aston V. Sunday
9 Birmingham -:- Middlesbrough Monday
10 Blackburn -:- Cardiff Sunday
11 Blackpool -:- Sunderland Sunday
12 Coventry -:- Bristol C. Sunday
13 Huddersfield -:- Luton Sunday
14 Millwall -:- Rotherham Sunday
15 Norwich -:- Watford Monday
16 Q.P.R. -:- Sheff Utd. Monday
17 Stoke -:- Preston Monday
18 Swansea -:- Burnley Monday
19 West Brom -:- Reading Monday
20 Wigan -:- Hull Monday
21 Barnsley -:- Bolton Monday
22 Bristol R. -:- Cheltenham Sunday
23 Derby -:- Accrington Monday
24 Forest G. -:- Port Vale Sunday
25 Lincoln -:- Ipswich Monday
26 Morecambe -:- Burton A. Sunday
27 Oxford Utd. -:- Exeter Sunday
28 Peterboro -:- Wycombe Sunday
29 Plymouth -:- Milton K.D. Sunday
30 Portsmouth -:- Charlton Sunday
31 Sheff Wed. -:- Cambridge U. Monday
32 Shrewsbury -:- Fleetwood Sunday
33 Barrow -:- Rochdale Monday
34 Bradford C. -:- Salford C. Sunday
35 Colchester -:- Swindon Sunday
36 Crewe -:- Tranmere Sunday
37 Doncaster -:- Carlisle Sunday
38 Grimsby -:- Stockport Sunday
39 Hartlepool -:- Harrogate Sunday
40 Newport Co. -:- Crawley Monday
41 Northampton -:- Leyton O. Monday
42 Stevenage -:- Gillingham Monday
43 Sutton Utd. -:- A.Wimbledon Sunday
44 Walsall -:- Mansfield Sunday
45 Bromley -:- Southend Sunday
46 Chesterfield -:- Scunthorpe Sunday
47 Eastleigh -:- Dorking W. Sunday
48 Halifax -:- Altrincham Sunday
49 Oldham -:- Notts Co. Sunday
Note: This football pool and fixtures result listed above are culled from
So how do you play a football pool? The following are five different ways to play.

Classic Pools

Classic Pools

Classic Pools test your ability to predict score draws, especially draws where both teams score. You must predict 10, 11 or 12 score draws from a list of 49 pre-determined fixtures. The more you predict, the costlier it gets. Once you have marked your selections, you will be given three points for each score draw, two points for each goalless draw and one point for a home or away win.

The maximum score from the eight (8) best results is 24, which makes up your total score. After the pool competition is over, dividends will be shared and the highest scorer gets the cash prize. If you scored all nine points in 49 matches, it means you have won and will take the jackpot.

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Goal Rush

Goal Rush

Goal Rush fixtures usually list 35 matches. Just like Classic Pools, you have to predict games that will end in score draws. But you will only have eight guesses. If all eight are correct, you will win a jackpot. But if you can predict seven correctly, you will still get a cash prize.

Premier 6, 10 and 12

Premier 6, 10 and 12

If you are using Premier 6, you have to select the outcome of six football games that have been selected by the Football Pools: home win, draw or away win. But you will not be able to choose the games you want to bet on. If you predict correctly, you will have a share of the cash prize. The same goes for Premier 10 and 12. The only difference is you predict the outcomes of 10 and 12 matches, respectively, which is usually tougher but comes with a bigger prize.

Lucky Clover

Lucky Clover

Lucky Clover usually has nothing to do with football, but you can still play it as classic luck of the drawn game. Here, you will be offered the ‘Pick 3 Offer’ where you will pick three numbers to be drawn in an Irish Lotto. If the three predicted numbers are correct, you will win the cash prize. There is also the “millionaire numbers”, where you will become a millionaire if you can predict six numbers.

Six Clovers

The same as the Lucky Clovers, the difference being you choose five lucky numbers and a ‘Millionaire Maker’ from 47 listed numbers. If you can match two of your first five numbers, you will start winning cash prizes. If you get all five plus the millionaire maker, you will become a millionaire.

What site can I use in checking upcoming pool fixtures?

As previously stated, football pool fixtures are the most popular. If you are a fan of football and you want to know the upcoming fixtures, visit the following sites:

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