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Why Africgold is enticing Nigerians with their offers, minimum withdrawal status

Why Africgold is enticing Nigerians with their offers, minimum withdrawal status

With the Nigerian and global economy in dire straits, many people are looking for alternative means of income. The gradual acceptance and push by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for the massive adoption of a cashless economy means that other platforms such as Africgold are gaining recognition and enticing prospective customers to patronise them.

So, what kind of platform is Africgold? Is it legitimate? More importantly, how profitable is the platform for Nigerians?

What is Africgold? 

What is Africgold? 

Africgold is a cryptocurrency mining platform that gives customers the option to mine cryptocurrency at all price points. In other terms, the platform provides members with the ability to mine cryptocurrency. The company states that it helps its users make money by mining cryptocurrency and ensuring they are paid as they mine crypto daily.

According to the business, it tracks mining revenue and converts units to actual money using virtual mining tactics. It asserts that its goal is to make it quick and simple for everyone to buy cryptocurrency. When due, users can cash out their funds.

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The program compensates users for each minute they mine. All of the customers’ earnings are added to their accounts, which they may access at any time. 

Any plan a customer chooses to join is acceptable. However, such customers should be aware that earnings increase with higher plan tiers. A plan with the numbers 3000, 5000, and 10,000 exists. The platform has plans for Skyway, Pentium and Musk miners.

Any of the plans is a good place to start. But, a larger plan entails more earnings. To increase your earnings, you might wish to join the largest plan. However, you may always upgrade your account.

Africgold minimum withdrawal 

On the platform, withdrawal requests are handled every day, and funds are delivered directly to your bank account within 24 hours. The minimum withdrawal for Africgold is N10,000 daily.

How legit is Africgold?

Africgold is a real business, yes. Without a referral and for just N10,000, you can withdraw money from the website. Additionally, the investing website offers a profit margin of around two per cent per day. You should be aware that they do not take a cut of your profits, so you are free to reinvest them to increase your earnings. 

A lot of YouTube tutorials also show how to utilise the website for beginners, allowing you to get started straight away. 

All you have to do to succeed in this business opportunity is invest your time in spreading the word about it and obtaining referrals for new members.

Africgold signup

Africgold signup

You must register with this platform before you can use it. You can successfully finish Login after registering on the website. 

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This section details how to handle the registration process. The following steps make it possible:

  • Check out 
  • To create an account, click on sign up
  • Create your login information by entering your email address. 
  • Put in code 
  • Select register.

Africgold login

The login is a crucial procedure to complete. You are unable to access your AfricGold dashboard until you have finished this procedure. 

Everyone can understand how crucial this process is from this. We need to see these steps to finish this login process. 

Take notice if you are unfamiliar with these procedures. Despite being easy to follow, these tasks must be done with extreme caution. 

The methods to complete AfricGold Login are listed below; 

  • Log in at 
  • select “Login” 
  • Input the user name and password you entered 
  • select “Login” 
  • Go to your dashboard and log in.

Africgold dashboard 

Africgold dashboard 

The dashboard is the home page of Africgold. It shows all the information needed to register, log in, start mining etc. It also shows a customer’s earnings.

Africgold mining 

As an Africgold miner, you get paid as you mine per minute without having to refer people before earning.

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