How funeral worker discovered wife was cheating with his father

How funeral worker discovered wife was cheating with his father

Declan Fuller, a funeral worker from Rhondda in South Wales of the United Kingdom, discovered that his wife, Stephanie, was cheating on him with his own father, Darren.

He claimed that Stephanie, his separated partner, is pregnant with twins from his father. Declan grew suspicious when his divorced father suddenly moved in with him, Stephanie, and their two-year-old daughter, Willow.

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Two months after his father’s arrival, Declan checked the baby monitor in his father’s room and discovered Stephanie entering it. When questioned, Stephanie dismissed it, saying she was only there watching TV. Declan found her explanation hard to believe.

Stephanie told The Sun, “I did not cheat on Declan. We got together a week or so after he left me.”

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“It’s not normal. I feel betrayed, but I’m better off without the two of them,” Declan said.

The complexity intensified as Stephanie’s pregnancy involved twins who would be both Willow’s half-siblings and Declan’s half-siblings. This means that the twins would be both Willow’s aunt or uncle and her siblings. Furthermore, if Darren chose to marry Stephanie, he would become both Willow’s stepfather and grandfather.

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