How fraudsters make ‘payments’ with fake transfers – Nigerian man reveals

How fraudsters make 'payments' with fake transfers - Nigerian man

A Nigerian man on TikTok, @kagantech, has provided insights into how fraudsters engage in scams where they deceive store owners by making fake payments using fake transfers.

He explained that these fraudsters exploit an app called Probank to carry out their fraudulent activities.

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According to the man, Probank is an app that is not available on legitimate platforms like the Play Store, but rather on the dark web. This app enables fraudsters to input the details of the recipient’s account and simulate a fake payment alert, which appears as if a real transfer has been made. Additionally, he mentioned that the app is designed to extract the victim’s account information.

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He cautioned viewers to be vigilant and aware of these fraudulent tactics. One of the ways to identify a fake payment alert is by carefully checking the description provided in the alert message. If the word “Probank” is present in the description, it is likely a fake alert. However, he also pointed out that some fraudsters have adapted by altering the description to exclude “Probank.”

In light of this, he advised that whenever individuals receive a payment alert, they should cross-reference it with their official banking app to ensure its authenticity. By being cautious and verifying payment alerts through their bank’s legitimate channels, people can better protect themselves against falling victim to such scams.

Watch the video below:

@kagantech Exposing the Underbelly of Fake Transfer Fraud ‼️ Have you ever met anyone who was the victim of a fake transfer? If you haven’t, share this video with reckless abandon so that no one you know will ever get robbed by these fraudsters! #faketransfers #bankingfraud #internetscams #kagantech ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

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@Ese Obruche: “Thanks for the update nah to find way download Probank .”

@BigMike: “When there’s glitch money, your pro bank is nothing.”

@Stephaniechikwendu: “Thank u for this update. Moral lesson. Check bank app.”

@Feolu‍♀️: “See how they’re lamenting that why did you cast itwe’re our own problem in this country.”

@jerry fundz: “I don get d app .”

@esthstores: “Lmao I always check my bank app. That kind of scam can’t work on me.”

@alice: “Can you give me a picture of the app.”

@ ⚅⚘♆☪︎: “bro update no dey finish be cautious .”

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