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Honey Pack: Know more about sex stimulant trending in many countries

Honey Pack: Know more about sex stimulant trending in many countries

You have probably heard of Viagra. But do you know there is another sex stimulant for both men and women in the market? The name is Honey Pack, which is coined from the hit song “Honey Pack” by the trending Detroit rapper, “Bfpdapackman.”

Honey Pack is trending in many countries. You can find people using it in their homes and nightclubs. Despite being a sensational sex enhancement supplement, little is known about the honey pack. Therefore, this article will provide more explanation so you will know what it entails.

What is Honey Pack?

What is Honey Pack?

Urban Dictionary defines honey pack as slang for Royal Honey VIP packets, the latest trending gas station sexual stimulant. It likely gained notoriety due to the hit song “Honey Pack” by Detroit rapper, “Bfpdapackman.” The pack is made with honey and the ingredients of Viagra and Cialis.

Honey Pack has become a popular product in many countries. However, drug agencies, particularly the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), have issued warnings about the dangers of taking these sexual supplements, especially for men.

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Honey Pack for men

Honey Pack for men
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The Honey Pack is marketed as an all-natural sexual stimulant for men. Its purported effects include increased energy, sexual desire and sexual stamina. Packets of love honey can be found online and in convenience stores, costing anywhere from $4 to $16.

There are several brands in the market, which include “Kingdom Honey Royal Honey VIP”, “Dose Vital VIP Vital Honey”, “Vital Honey for Men” and “Secret Miracle Royal Honey for Her”. The most popular product for men is the “Royal Honey for Men”, with the description: “The most potent and natural source of sexual power and testosterone—Royal Honey—that is filled with rich floral nectar and a mix of select roots to maximise the effect.” Ingredients listed for that product include ginseng root and tribulus terrestris, a leafy plant.

However, the FDA  warned consumers in 2019 that sexual enhancement pills sold on websites contained hidden and potentially dangerous ingredients like sildenafil. On July 12, 2022, the FDA revealed that sildenafil and tadalafil – another ingredient which is not listed on the label – are found in Cialis and Viagra, which are used to treat erectile dysfunction and are only available by prescription.

Therefore, these supplements might pose health risks to consumers, especially for patients taking nitrates, which is common among those with diabetes, high cholesterol or heart disease. The interaction of the substances could lead their blood pressure to drop to dangerously low levels. Other consumers might suffer from allergies or sensitivities to the medications.

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Honey Pack for women

Honey Pack for women

The popular Honey Pack for women is the “Royal Honey for Her”. Ingredients include 40 per cent fructose, 26 per cent glucose, 4.5 per cent maltose and 1.5 per cent sucrose. This explains it is often used as a sugar substitute. The “Royal Honey for Her” is purported to enhance female libido and intimacy performance. Other benefits include enhanced pleasure, an increase in fluid and wetness, heated intimacy sessions, increased sensitivity and an increase in libido.

How to use Honey Pack

For this segment, we are going to use the Royal Honey. Take the Honey Pack in the morning, afternoon or evening directly from the package. You can take it alone with a glass of water or mix it in your food if you prefer. However, the product works best taken directly from the sachet with a glass of water.

Some users have noticed that the Honey Pack does not take effect on the first day. If that is your case, take it on the second day and continue taking it when needed. But it must not pass three times in a week and never exceed more than one sachet a day.

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