Top 10 hobbies to aid a better life

Top 10 hobbies to aid a better life

Whenever we hear of hobbies, we tend to think of things we do for entertainment. As in you don’t want to be bored, try a hobby. Actually, hobbies are more than things you do to pass the time. They are hobbies to aid a better life. These hobbies are little things we tend to overlook, but when we keep trying them, we discover our lives hold more meaning and purpose.

So if you’re not satisfied with the stage of life you’re in right now, you should try any of these hobbies that I’m going to list below.

10 hobbies to aid a better life

1. Reading

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Reading a book is one of the most productive hobbies to aid a better life. Knowledge is power, and you cannot acquire knowledge if you don’t read. Many of the most successful people we know are avid readers. It doesn’t matter that some of them are school dropouts.

What matters is their innate desire to acquire more knowledge about their field of interest despite their educational limitations. Thank God for technology; you don’t have to litter your house with paperbacks. Download the numerous ebooks on the internet and have a reading blast. If you call yourself an educated person or university graduate and you don’t like to read, maybe you should throw your certificate into the ocean and go live in the caves.

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2. Cooking

couple cookingYou call yourself a human being, and you don’t know how to cook even basic meals. Why will you not be a constant customer of diarrhoea and other stomach bugs? See, we’re in the 21st-century o. Cooking is not only reserved for housewives or unmarried girls. Everyone should learn how to cook, starting with you. You mustn’t go to a culinary school to learn. There are numerous video tutorials on YouTube. Start from there and take control of what goes in your stomach.

3. Painting

PaintingPainting is usually reserved for those with talent. But if there is anything I’ve learned in this life, it’s that there’s nothing you can’t accomplish if you set your mind to it. Besides, how do you know you’re not a good painter if you don’t at least give it a try? You may not be the next Leonardo Davinci or Michealangelo, but taking up painting as a hobby may bring out the creativity in you and may surprise you. Painting is also therapeutic and can take your mind off many problems.

4. Writing

Writing“But I’m not a writer na,” you may say. My dear, if you can write ABC, you can definitely pen down something. After all, some of us may claim not to know how to write, but you’re very good at trolling people on Facebook. How do you do that if you don’t write in their comment section? Channel your trolling energy to writing something more useful to see whether you’ll be the next Nobel Prize winner.

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5. Gardening


“Gardening kwa! Hian! Nonye ibiakwa!” Yes, gardening. It’s a useful hobby you should start, especially now that food has become an essential commodity in Nigeria. I know a friend who was laid off from his civil service job just before the COVID-19 pandemic. He started a little cucumber garden in his backyard. Today, oga has left 9-5 jobs and concentrated on farming. He now grows yams and maize in addition to his cucumber farming.

6. Yoga

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Yoga helps your body by stretching your muscles and making you more flexible. It also helps during meditation to take your mind off distractions. Try yoga as a hobby to live a fitter and healthier life.

7. Try some workouts

Try some workouts

Exercise is a great way to stay healthy and live a better life. You can sweat it out in a gym or try some home workouts. All you need to do is to join a workout group online, download their app or subscribe to a workout YouTube channel. Exercise is one of the absolute best ways to reduce stress. In addition, those sculpted abs will look good in the mirror and on camera. You can flaunt those six-packs on social media, and who knows, you might be called up for a lucrative modelling job.

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8. Learn some craft

Learn some craft
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Crafts are not limited to knitting, scrapbooking or sewing. So Mr. man, don’t screw your face up with those “women’s stuff.” Crafts also include woodworking, metalworking and something similar. Learning crafts is a great way to spend your free time. It requires careful planning, drafting and opportunities to use your creative skills. You can also save some money by doing certain things for yourself.

For instance, you can build that shelf or chair without employing a carpenter’s services. You can also knit your little girl’s sweater for school and save money from buying at a store. Don’t forget that crafts include bead making, bag making, basket sewing and other stuff. Think of the lucrative business ideas you’ll have by engaging yourself in one or two crafts.

9. Play a musical instrument

Play a musical instrument

Unleash your musical talents by learning how to play some musical instruments. If you have a great singing voice, why not go for some voice coaching lessons? You may end up being the next Whitney Houston or Aretha Franklin that the world has missed so much. There are many musical instruments you can choose from, such as the piano, trombone, guitar, drums, trumpets etc. Don’t waste those talents.

10. Be a volunteer

Be a volunteer
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The world is a scary place. Many people are suffering. The good news is that governments and non-governmental organisations have established programs to help needy people. All they need is for people like you and me to offer our services to help fulfil those needs. There are countless volunteer jobs to do if you know where to look. It’s not about making more but making yourself useful by doing good. Be a volunteer and help the world be a better place.


There are countless hobbies you can do to aid a better life. Apart from those listed above, others include acting, video shooting and editing, graphic design, playing sports, learning a new language etc. Don’t say you’re bored with nothing to do. Pick any of these hobbies and avoid the depression that comes with a lack of contentment.

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