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Heroine Conquest: Cheats and how to play 18+ anime video game

Heroine Conquest: Cheats and how to play 18+ anime video game

Heroine Conquest is an easy and interesting game for video game lovers. The game has several upgrades which come in at different stages as you progress in it. This feature makes it different from other games, asides from that it is in anime form.

If you are looking for a game that will keep you glued to your screen and at the edge of your seat, well, Heroine Conquest is the perfect game for you.

To excel in this game, here is all you need to know.

What is Heroine Conquest?

What is Heroine Conquest?

Heroine Conquest is an Apk video game that was released by Badcolor Games. The game’s plot revolves around a demon lord who was defeated by heroines, and now it is up to you to lead the evil soldiers to capture and prepare the heroine for the demon lord’s rule. 

The game is a simple ‘point-and-click’ game with a unit upgrade system. After each round, you can upgrade your units to increase your chances of catching the heroine. You need to find the best strategy to capture heroines with the least amount of effort using a simple placement system.

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In Pokémon Conquest, Heroine Conquest is a leader who appears when the player’s chosen gender is female. The player can name this character, who is the main character controlled by the player in the game’s opening story, the Legend of Rancy. 

Heroine Conquest scene action

The heroine starts the game in the land of Aurora with her partner, Evie, who has just become a new warrior. She meets Mitsunari, Kiyomasa, and Masanori, who mock her for not being ready to become a warrior. 

Two warriors from lands near Ignis then challenge the heroine to a fight but Ouchi joins the fight to support the heroine, and they defeat the two warriors. Ouchi then unveils the legend of Rensei and leads the heroines on a quest to unify the 17 lands. After defeating the last nation, the heroine gets a chance to join Arceus. 

If the player successfully connects to Arceus, Nobunaga will arrive and challenge the heroine’s party to a final battle with Ieyasu, Mitsuhide, Hideyoshi, and Ranmaru. 

After defeating Nobunaga, the heroine brings peace to the land of Ransei, allowing each warrior to once again rule their respective nations. Arceus leaves and tells the heroine that she will be back in time.

Heroine Conquest guide

Heroine Conquest guide

When playing Heroine Conquest, here are some guides to enable you to scale through:

  • As a swordswoman, it is recommended that you keep your shields spaced out and attack from multiple fronts. Stacking your units will not work, except for two bosses. One of the best formations to use is a Y formation with two prongs being shields and one being spears. When the boss reaches half health, her attack speed will drop, allowing you to safely send higher amounts of units. Do not send your capture units until the boss is in the red.
  • For mages, start by stacking your range to get additional experience while farming. Once you can place a ranged unit down and get one hit in before it dies, immediately start pumping experience into your melee units. Once your units can consistently reach the mage and land one strike, start pumping their damage. When ready to capture, start by sending only your melee units until the boss is at half-health. Then, start placing ranged units in the opposite direction of your melee units. Once the boss is at red health, place your capture units from the direction of your ranged units.
  • As a rogue, immediately upgrade your Vine unit’s range, then upgrade your AOE unit’s range and damage. While farming, place one Vine unit a fair distance away from the rogue with a few AOE units behind them. If done correctly, they will each land one attack before dying. Once you begin farming, focus on upgrading your Vine unit’s holding. It will jump from 50 secs to 1 minute, at which point you no longer need to upgrade its hold. When ready to attempt a capture, start by sending a vine unit in one corner. While the boss is stunned, place some AOE units far away from the boss. Use vine units to corral the boss near the AOE units and stun lock her near them, then watch her health decrease. Once it is in the red, send out some capture units (make sure to act quickly when switching units or the boss may break out of the stun lock).
  • For priests, this one is pretty RNG-heavy as your primary unit can only encourage the boss in a direction and does not push it. For the most part, let the boss go in any direction it wants while just leading its charge with the hazard unit. It will never step on the hazard unit without a slime chasing it, but the slime cannot force her onto the hazard.
  • For the king, it is shockingly easy. Focus on five things: the shielder’s block and health, the thrower’s range and damage, and your capture units range. Place your shielders anywhere, then place a bunch of throwers behind them. Your shielders will soak up the damage while your throwers deal it from safely behind them. Once the king’s health is red, spawn capture units behind your shielders.

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How to get Heroine Conquest 

Getting the Heroine Conquest game is very easy using the following steps:

  • You can access the latest version of Heroine Conquest APK from a third-party website. Websites to download Heroine Conquest include IGG Games, APKFreeLoad, and ApkCeo.
  • The app can be downloaded and installed easily without the need for verification, unlike the Play Store. 
  • During the download process, the app is saved on your memory card or system storage. If necessary, you can uninstall and reinstall the app.

How to get Heroine Conquest 

However, it is also essential to note that:

  • Installing apps from third-party sources may bring some risks. 
  • Google does not verify these apps and they may contain viruses that can harm your phone or steal your information. 
  • Additionally, some apps may fail to update automatically due to the inability to access the Google Play Store.

To download the game, here are the steps to follow:

  1. By utilising your internet browser on your Android device, you can directly download the APK file. 
  2. Simply tap on the browser’s application file to initiate the download. 
  3. The download progress will then be displayed on the top bar of your device. 
  4. Once the APK file has been downloaded, open the Downloads folder and tap on the file. 
  5. Confirm your decision to install the new application by tapping Yes. 
  6. The application will now be successfully installed on your device.

Heroine conquest cheats

When it comes to Heroine Conquest cheats, you make use of the cheat engine.

A cheat engine is a software tool that is often used in video games to modify or manipulate the game’s code or memory to gain an unfair advantage. This can include things like increasing player health, modifying game speed or providing access to hidden features or abilities. All of these enable you to upgrade faster in Heroine Conquest.

Cheat engines are typically used by gamers who are looking for shortcuts or ways to progress through the game more quickly. 

Heroine conquest cheats

However, using cheat engines in online multiplayer games is generally considered cheating and can result in account bans or other penalties.

Irrespective, here is how to make use of the Heroine Conquest cheats:

  • Go to the scan of the game and click on cheat engine.
  • Put the value type to all.
  • Then go to round default.
  • Fill in the necessary numbers.
  • Upgrade yourself.

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