Heartwarming moment lady reunites with husband 8 months after he relocated to Canada [VIDEO]

Heartwarming moment lady reunites with husband 8 months after he relocated to Canada [VIDEO] 1

An online video shows a sweet reunion between a woman and her husband in Canada eight months after his migration.

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The man made the audacious decision to relocate to Canada in December 2022, leaving his wife behind.

The video starts with the lady bidding farewell to him at the airport.

Their love story continued on WhatsApp, with both continuously expressing how much they missed each other.

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The lady’s application to Canada was finally approved on August 9, 2023. The pleasure, relief, and love are apparent as she arrives at the airport and her spouse emerges.

Netizens react 

@chyddo: “Once a man makes money, his first instinct is the woman he loves, every man wishes to pamper their lady. I hope she sticks to him and they grow together. Abroad mentality kills genuine things. This is truly beautiful ❤️”

@mandy__chuks: “And he later brought her over there…the real man 🙌❤️”

@nnenna_blinks_: “To be very honest wettin single people do una for this app wettin be our cr¡me, morning love , Night Love Arrrrgh let’s breath even small nah😢. Even if I be shoe lace make person tie me biko.”

@priscillia_oluchi: “I just wish can continue to be this beautiful. No fights, no hate, no war, no envy, no backbiting, just seeing people smiling, being happy, spreading love and positive vibes only. 🥺❤️ Dear single pringles, are y’all still breeffffing?😩🏃‍♂️”

@wiggarden: “This is so cute to watch, distance is not easy ooo”

@julzmusics: “This is very beautiful 😍”

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