‘He loves me’: Lady reveals how boyfriend who earns N40k borrowed N500k to ‘spoil’ her

Love assurance

A Nigerian Lady, Praise Oghre, has revealed the action her boyfriend took to assure her of his love.

Praise Oghre, who shared this on her Twitter page on Monday, claimed that her boyfriend, who collects N40,000 as monthly salary, borrowed N500,000 from loan app, PalmPay, and gave it to her to spend on herself.

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According to the Twitter user, she had asked her boyfriend to prove his love for her. She said with what he did, she is certain he really loves her.

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“I ask this guy to prove his love for me, he borrowed 500k from palmpay, and ask me to spoil myself with it, even though his monthly income is 40k, no one can tell me otherwise, this guy really loves me. I’m so lucky,” she wrote.

See her post below:

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