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He has a scholarship: Nigerian man abroad promises little mechanic boy who debated in viral video a scholarship

Nigerian man abroad promises little mechanic apprentice who debated in viral video a scholarship

A little Nigerian boy named Mubarak Yusuf who became an internet sensation after a video of him went viral has found favour with a Nigerian man.

The man named, Cyprian Kendo, made his desire to help the kid known via his Twitter page on Friday, October 7, 2022.

Kendo who resides in Frankfurt in his post asked for help in locating Mubarak and promised to help the young lad with a scholarship.

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According to Kendo, a scholarship awaits him when the boy is found.

In the video, little Mubarak was shown debating so brilliantly about day and night reading at a mechanic workshop.

In his argument, he explained that reading during the day was much more effective than at night.

The young chap who is reportedly from Katsina made a valid point stating that students tend to sleep more a night than in the daytime.

Mubarak who is reportedly an apprentice at a mechanic workshop was dressed in untidy workshop wear.

The video which stirred up reactions from Twitter users fueled requests to help the young boy with a scholarship.

The video first posted by @ayofeliberato quickly gained attention raising questions as to why little Mubarak wasn’t enrolled in school yet.

Emotional 15-year-old boy buys N36 million car

In order news, there was a scene at a car dealer’s outlet after a 15-year-old boy walked in and approached them, offering to pay for an expensive car.

A social media user identified as Omo Ure via Twitter narrated the strange event that occurred at a car shop, where a small boy came to negotiate the price for a big car.

The car seller was surprised that a 15-year-old boy would offer to purchase a vehicle worth 36 million Naira, so he called the police on the young boy.

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When the police team came, the young boy maintained his cool and calm; and explained to them that he needed to enjoy his life because he has little time left.

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