‘Outside still dey him eyes’: James Harden’s facial expression after girlfriend caught wedding bouquet interpreted

'Outside still dey him eyes': James Harden’s facial expression after girlfriend caught wedding bouquet interpreted 1

A video capturing the reaction of NBA star, James Harden, when his girlfriend Paije Speights caught the bouquet at a wedding has gone viral.

The couple had attended the wedding of former NBA star, Rajon Rondo and fashion designer Latoia Fitzgerald in Italy over the weekend.

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During the ceremony, the bouquet that was thrown by the bride landed at the feet of Paije Speights, who was standing at the back with her boyfriend, James Harden.

She cheerfully picked it up; however, Harden’s expression shows he is not ready for marriage.

See Netizens’ reactions:

@i_love_emiliy: “That man still belongs to the streets 😂.”

@iphy_met: “Just imagine his reaction after dating her for how long. Na wa. Aunty if you don’t want to keep wasting your life, pick your slippers and move.”

@mheenarh__: “That man is not planning to get married anytime soon😂😂.”

@creativeoliver: “Baba has not even thought of marrying her and they’ve been dating for 8 years… fear men you say no😂😂.”

@i_am_nova_kae: “From that look, Next conversation about to be, “Babe you deserve better, it’s not you, it’s me.” 😂.”

@medicoolbohz: “Na once my man freeze, that man still belongs to the streets aje 😂😂.”

@iamkingdinero1: “One think say them Dey relationship the other think say na hoook up them Dey do.”

@manuelsbeautty_gh: “You de fear marriage, where is your steeze😂😂😂.”

@donprettychiamaka: “She needs to break up with him immediately 🥹.”

@poshmontana19: “Poor James 🤣🤣🤣 their system is matriarchal so the woman takes it all..most of them don’t want to get married.”

@daisybaby_1: “Baba never ready to come out of the street😂😂😂😂😂.”

@iam_bossdora: “He was like “what’s going on?… No be me una see o😂.”

@a_tall30: “That Man Need NBA ring not Wedding Ring. You can see is expression 😂😂😂.”

@iam_florescent: “My sister you never see husband oooh 😂😂.”

@nosadeborah: “Him never ready for marriage 😂😂😂😂 outside still Dey him eyes.”

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