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Groom scatters his own wedding, plays video of bride cheating

Groom plays video of cheating bride on his wedding day

A cold-hearted groom has got people talking on social media after he scattered his own wedding in an unbelievable manner.

During the church wedding, when it was time to join the couple together, the pastor asked if anyone was in objection to the union.

Shockingly and to the surprise of everyone present, the groom raised his hands; he thanked those that had graced his wedding for their support and informed the bride that he loves her so much and had something special to say to her but didn’t know how to say it.

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He said the best way he could show her was through a video clip; he pressed a remote button and played a short video via a projector facing the congregation. The video showed the about-to-be wedded bride in an intimate position with another man, sharing kisses and all.

Members of the congregation could not believe their eyes and screamed; the bride also could not watch as she covered her face in shame.

Reacting to the video, many netizens believe that the groom went too far and could have just called off the wedding instead of embarrassing his bride in such a manner.

However, others feel the man’s action is justified and will save him from answering many unnecessary questions on why he canceled his wedding.

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Groom Dumps Bride On Wedding Day After His Mum Described Her As Too Short And Ugly

Meanwhile, a groom abandoned his bride on his wedding day after his mother described her as being too short and ugly.

The groom’s mother was reported to have met the Tunisian bride for the first time on the wedding day after only previously seeing her in photographs.

Images shared from the ceremony captured the couple-to-be posing side by side in their wedding attire before things deteriorated.


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