Gracie Bon: Plus-size model with the perfect hourglass figure that drops jaws

Gracie Bon: Plus-size model with the perfect hourglass figure that drops jaws

Gracie Bon is not just big, bold and beautiful, she is the definition of the word ‘sexy’. The plus-size model has established herself in fashion and beauty, adult entertainment and modelling sectors.

The organised way she has delineated her various personas for each niche has enthralled fans. One glance at Gracie Bon and you will have to stop and stare. As a result, everyone wants to know who Gracie Bon is.

Gracie Bon biography

Gracie Bonilla, popularly known as Gracie Bon, has made a name for herself as a popular plus-size Latina model and social media influencer. Born in 1998 in Panama, Central America, Bon has won the hearts of many with her sultry photographs and videos on various social media platforms, particularly Instagram.

Notably, she has gained recognition as a brand ambassador for Fashion Nova Curve. Standing at 5’6″ tall and weighing around 95 kilogrammes, Gracie Bon possesses striking features that enhance her beauty, including brown eyes and blonde hair. Her figure is often described as an hourglass shape, with measurements of 34 inches on the bust, 28 inches for her waist and 35 inches for her hips.

While fans have speculated about potential cosmetic enhancements, Bon maintains that her figure is a result of intense workouts and a healthy diet. But a picture on her Instagram page that showed her standing beside a surgeon has further fueled the rumours mill that she went under the knife. Captioning the picture, Gracie Bon said that she is always in the best hands as long as she is with the doctor.

Gracie Bon’s confident display of her curves has sparked both admiration and criticism. One particular instance that garnered attention was when she posted a picture of herself wearing a tight £32 Vital Goddess Active Jumpsuit on Infinity, leaning against a car and sipping water.

Gracie Bon posing in front of her car

The outfit accentuated her hourglass figure, while also drawing attention due to its revealing nature by showing her camel toe.

Despite facing negative comments from trolls, Gracie Bon continues to embrace and celebrate her curves and remains resilient.

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Gracie Bon is a model, adult actress, social media influencer and Instagram star. As a social media influencer, she passionately advocates for body positivity and uses her platform to spread an empowering message of self-acceptance and inclusivity.

Her presence on social media inspires countless individuals to embrace their bodies, regardless of societal standards. Asides from her alluring physical features, one of the major reasons she has garnered millions of followers are due to her advocacy regarding body positivity and her practically demonstrating it.

Gracie Bon mirror selfie

Gracie Bon’s modelling journey, which began when she was 20 years old, was driven by her love for fashion and the desire to make her mark in the industry. Through hard work and dedication, she has achieved success and is renowned as a highly regarded plus-size model. She is currently represented by MJ Curve, a  modelling agency.

She has collaborated with various well-known brands in the fashion and beauty industry. From sportswear to cosmetics and bikinis, she has modelled for brands such as Pretty Little Things, Doll Skill, NovaMEN and Fashion Nova Curve. Aside from working for other brands, she also has her lingerie collection known as Gracie Bon Exclusive

In addition, Gracie Bon offers exclusive and premium content as an adult actress on OnlyFans.

Gracie Bon OnlyFans

Gracie Bon OnlyFans has a collection of 113 pictures and 63 videos on her verified Onlyfans account. Unlike many adult actresses who charge a monthly fee for subscription access, Gracie Bon offers a free account option with limited content for fans who may be unable to pay.

Additionally, she operates a VIP OnlyFans account for those seeking a more exclusive and immersive experience. The adult actress tantalises fans with an extensive array of nudes and explicit content on her OnlyFans account.

She regularly updates her page with a constant stream of new and exciting content for her subscribers.

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Beyond her adult actress persona, Gracie Bon shares her love for video games, dressing up and cosplay on OnlyFans. The adult actress extends special benefits to her loyal fans on OnlyFans. For those who choose to re-subscribe, monthly discounts and delightful gifts await.

Gracie Bon wearing bikini by the pool

Gracie Bon’s net worth

According to reports, Gracie Bon has an estimated net worth of $400,000. 

Gracie Bon family

While Gracie Bon climbs the success ladder in the adult entertainment industry, details about her personal life and family remain largely undisclosed. 

Gracie Bon age

Gracie Bon’s exact birth month and day remain undisclosed. It is, however, known that she was born in the year 1998.

As of 2023, the model is 25 years old.

Gracie Bon Instagram 

Gracie Bon has a verified account on Instagram, with the username @graciebon. As of the time of writing this piece, she has 3.5 million followers.

Through her posts, it is evident that Gracie Bon takes pride in her body and radiates a sense of comfort in her skin. Her feed is filled with sultry poses, whether in bikinis, stylish outfits or sexy lingeries.

Earlier in 2023, Bon surprised her fans by sharing a throwback photo on her Instagram. The image portrayed an entirely different version of herself as it captured a moment from her life when she weighed 21 stone and possessed a curvier figure. The picture revealed the model wearing glasses and braces while dressed in casual attire. Accompanying this heartfelt throwback, the model shared a powerful message about body positivity, resonating with her followers.

In the caption, Bon revealed that she once loved her 300-pound body. However, she embarked on a journey of self-care and decided to lose weight after experiencing knee pain and struggling to breathe during physical activities.

She wrote: “It all started by loving my 300lbs body. And still, many say to me: ‘But if you had loved it, you would have stayed like this and not changed.’ The truth is that I loved it so much that I wanted to take care of it and decided to save myself.”

Bon expressed her desire for more, refusing to settle for limitations imposed by her weight. She did not want to accept knee pain or difficulty in breathing as her norm.

She concluded her message by highlighting the importance of empathy and compassion towards individuals facing challenges related to their size. She emphasised that appearance does not determine one’s health or worth.

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