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All you need to know about your GOtv subscription

All you need to know about your GOtv subscription

For many Nigerians, GOtv Nigeria is their preferred cable TV provider. This is due, in part, to the selection of packages offered to accommodate various needs and the moderate prices of the packages.

But to get access to the service, one needs to activate and subscribe. Therefore…

What is GOtv subscription?

What is GOtv subscription?

GOtv is a product of the Multichoice Group, which also owns DStv. However, while both are pay-TV operators, there is a slight difference as DStv utilises satellite communication while GOtv works with a high-quality terrestrial TV antenna.

GOtv subscribers can choose from a variety of packages at various pricing points. The accessible channel categories include those for entertainment, sports, kids’ shows, food, religious material and fashion. Depending on the bouquet/package you choose, you can watch a certain amount of channels.

You must first buy the decoder to start watching premium content on GOtv. The decoder from GOtv costs NGN9,900 all at once. You will receive the GOtv decoder and antenna once you pay this sum. You will also receive a free month of GOTV Max (one of GOTV’s bouquets/packages), in addition to everything else. 

After receiving the decoder and taking advantage of the free trial of GOtv Max, the list of GOtv packages offered and their associated costs appears.

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GOTV subscriptions packages and their channels 

GOTV subscriptions packages and their channels 

GOtv subscription plans currently comprise five different plans, with GOtv Supa being the highest and most advanced package while GOtv Smallie is the least expensive package.

Listed below are the packages and their channels offered 

GOTV Smallie 

As the name suggests, this is the smallest subscription package available on the GOtv network. GOtv Smallie may be the least expensive and smallest in terms of package size but that does not make it any less interesting. 

This package has over 35 channels, which have been sorted into the following categories:

  • Local channels –  BCOS, NTA, AIT
  • Entertainment channels – Trybe, TVC entertainment
  • Lifestyle, Education, Documentary. Channel – Spice TV
  • Sports Channel – SS Blitz
  • Kids Channel – Jim Jam
  • Religious channels – DOVE Tv, FAITH, Islam Channel, Entertainment Tv
  • Audio channels – Naija FM, Wazobia FM
  • Music Channels – Urban Tv, AFRO Music
  • News channels – TVC News, NTA, Channels, Al Jazeera

GOtv Jinja

With sports and 24/7 high-resolution channels, GOtv Jinja is the second cheapest GOtv package. The GOtv Jinja package broadcasts over 45 channels, including:

  • General Entertainment Channels – Real-time, AM Hausa, AM Yoruba
  • Movies Channel – AM Epic
  • Sports Channels – SS Variety 4 and SS Blitz
  • Kids and Teens Channels – Nickelodeon and Jim Jam
  • Lifestyle and Education channel – Spice Tv
  • News and Business Channels – Al Jazeera, Arise News, TVC News
  • Music channels – Sound City, Urban Tv, and AFRO Music English
  • Religious channels – Islam channel, Faith, Emmanuel Tv, and DOVE Tv
  • Audio channels – Naija FM and WAZOBIA TV
  • Local channels – WAP TV, Silverbird, and Liberty TV among other channels

GOTV Jolli

Subscribers are ensured flexible, high-quality entertainment and a variety of channels that fit their needs with the GOtv Jolli package.

Users will enjoy over 65 channels on the Jolli package, which include:

  • Movie channels – TNT Africa, AM Epic, and B4U Movies
  • Lifestyle, documentary, and education Channels – Spice TV and Nat Geo Wild
  • General Entertainment Channels – AM Family, ROK 2, Zee World, CBS Reality, BBN, Novela Magic
  • Kids and Teens Channels – Da Vinci Kids, PBS Kids, Disney Junior
  • Sports Channels – SS Blitz, SS Football, SS Select 2
  • Business and News Channels – CNN international, NTA Parliament, BBC World News
  • Music Channels – Hip Tv, MTV Base, Urban TV, Sound City
  • Religious Channels – DOVE Tv, Islam Channel, Faith, and Emmanuel TV
  • Local Channels – ONMAX, Rave, Channels, AIT
  • Audio Channels – WAZOBIA FM and Naija FM, among other channels

GOtv Max

Subscribers of GOtv Max can enjoy the maximum entertainment, which includes worldwide and local channels providing the best TV shows, and children’s programmes.

Everyone can appreciate something from the GOtv Max package as subscribers can access over 75 channels on the GOtv decoder. These channels include:

  • Documentary, education, and lifestyle Channels – Discovery ID, Spice TV, and Nat Geo Wild
  • General Entertainment Channels – BET, Televista, Star Life, Telemundo, Zee World, Discovery Family
  • Sports Channels – SS Football, SS Blitz, ESPN, SS Select 1 and 2
  • Business and News Channels – Al Jazeera, NTA Parliament, BBC world news.
  • Movies Channels – M-Net Movies 4, TNT Africa.
  • Music Channels – Hip Tv, MTV Base, Urban Tv.
  • Kids Channels – Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, PBS Kids.
  • Religious Channels – DOVE TV, Emmanuel Tv, Faith, and Islam Channel.
  • Local Channels – R2TV, Arewa 24, Biscon TV, OGTV
  • Audio Channels – WAZOBIA and Naija FM, among other channels


An expanded viewing experience is provided by Supa, a recent addition to the GOtv package range that provides consumers super entertainment with more telenovelas and lifestyle material. This package has over 80 channels and they include:

  • Sports channels – BLITZ, ESPN, SS LaLiga, SS Select 1 and 2
  • Movie channels – KIX, TNT Africa, ROK, AM Epic, B4U Movie
  • Lifestyle, documentary, and education Channels – Spice TV, Discovery ID, Honey, and Nat Geo Wild
  • General Entertainment Channels – AM Igbo, ROK GH, AM Family, ROK 2, Zee World, CBS Reality, Novela Magic
  • Kids and Teens channels – Da Vinci Kids, PBS Kids, Disney Junior, Nick Junior, Nick Toons
  • Commerce and News Channels – CNN International, Al Jazeera, BBC World News, NTA News 24.
  • Music Channels – Hip Tv, MTV Base, Urban TV, and Sound City.
  • Religious Channels – DOVE Tv, Islam Channel, Faith, and Emmanuel TV.
  • Local Channels – Sunna TV,  ONMAX, Rave, Channels, AIT, BCOS.
  • Audio Channels – WAZOBIA FM and Naija FM, among other channels.

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GOtv subscription prices 

The prices for the various GOtv packages are;

  • GOTV Smallie: Monthly: N900, Quarterly: N2400, Annually: N7000.
  • GOTV Jinja: N1,900.
  • GOTV Jolli: N2,800.
  • GOTV Max: N4,150.
  • GOTV Supa: N5,500.

GOtv subscription payment

The subscription payment for the packages can be made at the various GOTV outlets, and banks or online via the GOtv app and other means.

GOtv subscription online 

There are several ways  to pay for your GOTV subscription online some of them are:


The QuickTeller website connection enables the subscriber to make payments into his subscription account for the renewal of his services. The subscriber receives immediate values through this platform’s interface with the Integrated billing system (IBS), which triggers an automatic reconnection of the disconnected service within five minutes.

Follow the steps below 

  • Switch your GOTv decoder on if your account has already been disconnected.
  • Log on to the GOtv Quickteller page. 
  • Input your email address or mobile number and your IUC number
  • Chose the option you want to subscribe
  • Click on the continue button
  • Enter your name or the name or the name you used to register your GOtv 
  • Confirm that your IUC number was correctly filled
  • Click Pay and select your debit card type (Interswitch, Verve or MasterCard)
  • Enter your card details, including your credit Card Number and Expiry Date and then enter your four-digit PIN.
  • Click Pay to complete your transaction.


Subscribers can use the eTranzact method to pay for their subscriptions online and via mobile devices directly from their bank accounts. 

Dial *389*9* your smartcard number# to subscribe to your GOtv through mobile, and then fill out the form’s fields as directed. 

Follow these steps to sign up on the GOtv website: choose your nation, provide your last name or phone number, and then enter your IUC number. On the sign-in button, click the” View Balance” or “Pay” button You will be taken to a page with a summary of your payments and your balance. 

To access the Payment Subscription page and view information about your account or the account of the person you wish to subscribe for, click Pay. Enter the eTranzact payment option, then pick BankIT. Type in the details of your bank account.Generate a 6-digit passcode and submit detailsDial *389*00# with the phone number you used to register your bank account 

You will receive an OTP number on your phone 

Enter the OTP number you received in the space provided and click Pay. You will receive a Payment Response stating the details of the transaction, indicating successful payment.

How to upgrade GOTV subscription 

How to upgrade GOTV subscription 

To upgrade your GOtv subscription follow the steps below;

  • You have to log in with your phone number and IUC number on the GOtv self-service website or the GOtv app
  • Then click the link on your dashboard to pay the amount needed for the package you want.

Or you can also just wait for your package to expire, then call the GOtv office to ask for an upgrade. Also if you cannot wait for your current package to expire, you can go to a GOtv near you and ask for an upgrade.

How long does it take for a GOtv subscription to be activated?

It does not take too long for the GOtv subscription to be activated. Once your payment has been acknowledged, all you need to do is wait for a few minutes then you can start enjoying your GOtv again.

GOtv USSD subscription code

The USSD code for subscription on GOtv is *389*9*smart card number#. After inputting this on your phone dialer, some details will pop up. Fill in the details and your payment will be processed and approved.

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