‘Give it to a beggar’: Lady discloses she can’t accept N5k or N10k from a man


A Nigerian lady, Lydia Balogun, has set the internet abuzz after revealing what she’ll do if she receives N5k or N10k from a man.

Lydia Balogun, who co-hosts the ‘Rants, Bants, and confessions’ podcast with skit maker, Ogechi Ukonu, popularly called Caramel Plugg, and Maliya Michael, disclosed this in the latest episode of the podcast.

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The girls talked about ‘Luxury Living’ (Living above your means), and Maliya recounted sometime back when a man sent her N5k. Lydia said men should “stop trying to impress girls with money they don’t have”.

According to her, if a man sends her N5k or N10k, she will request his account number and send it back to him, as N10k can’t do anything for her.

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Caramel Plugg then talked about how that same amount of money can do so much for some people. However, Lydia responded by saying that she is not on the street.

“Give it to somebody on the street, am I on the street? Give it to a beggar,” she said.

Watch the video below:

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