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Girlfriend of the year: Nigerian lady takes her man out, buys food worth N58k

lady takes her man on a date spends N58,700

A Nigerian lady identified as Fola shared her own Twitter challenge to take her man out as done and dusted.

The young lady did not hesitate to gush and boast about her September assignment submitted. While sharing the post on her Twitter handle @folamyflower, she wrote, “September assignment submitted. I took my man out.”

In the post, she shared pictures of herself and her man helping themselves to individual plates of mashed potatoes and steak. The lady shared a second photo which was a receipt of how much their outing cost which totalled N58,700.

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Girlfriend of the year: Nigerian lady takes her man out, buys food worth N58k 1

Netizens had several hilarious comments on the post:

@omoiyawerey said: “No vex o, my own is shey the mashed potatoes you go roll am like swallow abi? or? Make i no go disgrace my lineage in the nearest future abeg.”

@susu_adm wrote: “I dey ment??? 58k plus for what i cannot even see on the table?? I’ll carry that money, enter market buy correct turkey and some torso, cook better Egusi soup, make correct pounded yam. Invite him over, we eat and drink, after eating, we EAT again…”

@therealfrenzy commented: “Una blow 60k for eba and ogufe?”

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Nigerian Lady Takes Up Twitter Challenge to Take Her Man Out, Spends N43k

In a related story, a Nigerian lady known as Fehintola Da-Silva accepted the Twitter challenge for ladies to take a man on a date and her video of the entire outing had netizens talking.

The lady had been praised for taking up the challenge and seeing it through as she shared videos of herself and her date enjoying themselves on TikTok.

The Abuja-based lady said that her action was in response to the open challenge to take a man out this September.

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